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Just put "red snappers" in the search block and you will see a lot of opinions, just be sure to scroll through for what you are looking for.  The search will bring up all things red.  I love my red snappers, I would never go without them. 

Port Huron, MI   48060
APQS Sales Rep and Educator
Millennium with Intelliquilter (IQ)

"Be a good listener, your ears will never get you in trouble" Frank Tygr

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I bought a set of these for my Lenni last March, & I love them. I saw your question(a few days back), & I looked on Amazon, but they didn't have any available, so I was on Amazon tonight, & it showed that one set was available. Here is a screen shot of the Mono Clips, I know these work on APQS Lenni, & my fingers no longer feel a like a pincushion. LOL



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