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Trimming out panto


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I would take a single layer of high loft batting, and lay it under the gnome.  Then I would use your DSM with invisible thread stitch around the outline and internal lines of the gnome.  Once your done, cut away the extra batting to get a trapunto look when you place the top layer of the quilt on your sandwich.  It will make you gnome pop out of the quilt top.

I would then SID each block of the quilt, making sure to do the internal lines on the one 5 batch block you have.  Then may be a snow flack or star design in the other blocks.  The more quilting you do in the blocks, the more the gnome will stand up out of the quilt top.  It is all up to the look you want.

Let us see your completed project.  It looks great so far.  Best of luck with finishing it.


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Cagey's suggestions are good.  If you don't want the gnome to be too fluffy, since it is a placemat, you could stitch around the individual sections of the gnome, and quilt the rest of the placemat as densely as you wish.  That will make the gnome stand out, but still give you a fairly flat placement.

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