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Should I scrap a 30 year old machine and start new?

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I have a used  APQS Ultima I.  It is al least 30 years old.  Somewhere along the line a stitch regulator and a computer were added (after market).  I have no instruction book and so far have found no help.  It only runs wide open. Is there anywhere I can take it to be looked at ?  I live almost on the Louisiana/Texas state line about half way between Houston and Baton Rogue

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In my mind no don’t scrap it parts are readily available and I don’t think the new ones really sew much better.  Do you know the manufacturer of the stitch regulator and the computer?  The most common aftermarket one was Intellistitch and Intelliquilter.  If that is the case there is lots of support available.  Let us know what you have or post a picture and we can probably send you in the right direction.  My old Ultimate 1 is still going strong daily in someone else’s business, not bad for a twenty five year old piece of equipment.



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I would not scrap this machine!  If it only runs wide open, then the settings are not adjusted or the stitch regulator is not engaged.  Pictures would go a long way in us helping you to figure out what is going on with this machine.  The ULT1 machines are power house machines and there are many of them that are still running very well today.  Another option would be to contact APQS and see if they have any suggestions for you.

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