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bobbin thread cutter

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How valuable is a bobbin thread cutter? I'm considering purchasing a Freddie or a Millie and the only difference seems to be the manual vs. electronic direction locks, and the bobbin thread cutter. I'd appreciate input from anyone with this option vs. without.

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I have a Freedom (now called Freddie) without a bobbin thread cutter, and I have never missed it.  As Nigel says, pulling the bobbin thread up and cutting it with the top thread is easy peasy. And as my husband says about everything, the more features there are, the more things there are to go wrong.

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Had both either work fine.  If you have never had a machine with the electronic locks you won’t miss them.  Now if I was buying a new machine and going back into business (I’m not) I would even consider a Lucey with the deluxe table ($2000) and power quilt advance.  Same warranty and same quality stitching, you lose the touch display and you can’t have Quilt Glide (again don’t know what I’m missing).  

I certainly wouldn’t make it as a salesperson for APQS.


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