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Update on Magnet to Hold Scissors on Machine

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Wondering what the opinion is on placing a magnet on the APQS machine exterior to hold scissors, a needle to bury threads, etc.
Are there computerized parts near the front of the machine that could be harmed by magnets? 
Does anyone know if this would create a problem with the inner work

UPDATE: After testing the metal machine housing, I realized that magnets just won't stick to it anyway, so I added a small piece of industrial strength adhesive backed Velcro to the top front of the machine, away from all the wicks, then added the corresponding piece to the back of my retractable unit. SO handy in this position for me, and completely out of the thread path, too. 


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Another option would be command strip hooks for scissors.  How and where were you planning on attaching the magnet to the machine?    

I would think if you used a "regular" magnet and not the rare-earth neodymium super-strong ones, it's probably not going to hurt the machine.  I have a couple of those small needle alignment magnets that I keep on the top laser post so I don't lose them.  

I have a small magnet strip with adhesive backing stuck on the top of my computerized Bernina sewing machine and it's not caused any problems.  I also have a grab-it magnetic pin cushion that sits near that machine.  

Personally, I'm not sure I'd use a magnet as a needle keeper on the machine.  I'd be afraid I'd knock it off or any vibration from the machine might make it fall on the quilt somewhere.  I'd feel more comfortable using a piece of felt or batting like Gail suggested.  


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  • HelenS changed the title to Update on Magnet to Hold Scissors on Machine

I use a retractable lanyard with a clip to hold embroidery scissors on my shirt.   That way I always have them handy no matter where I am around the longarm.  As to pins, I have 2 of the round magnetic ashtrays and put one each sideways on the bars that hold my lights.  You do have to be careful because if you knock them off the pins go all over, but they hold really tight.  The convenience for me is worth the rare occasional scramble to pick up pins.IMG-2586.jpg.d351c8d3047c6a76ea2788936f33cb74.jpgpins.png.3742c5524c47e23b57e7a228932d8c0c.png


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kbaumbusch, I've tried the lanyard attached to my shirt, but being as short as I am, I find it gets caught on the quilts, etc. I guess I need to put it higher than what is comfortable for me or something. Will give it another try. 
Fascinated with your magnetic pin holder sideways! lol 

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