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Bobbin winder

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Thanks for the reply perhaps you can tell me how to fix it. The motor runs just fine but when it winds thread the thread wants to wind mostly on one side of bobbin. If I try to move bobbin more to center of tension line up then the little arm will not engage on bobbin is one of my problems. Then other times the thread loosely winds on bobbin , like it isn’t turning fast enough even though the wheel is engaged. I checked the tension disk but does not resolve issue. I have tried moving the big wheel closer to the rubber grommet things on the spindle of the motor which helps the thread wind better but then something on the motor makes screeching  noise. Which maybe too much pressure on the rubber grommet things so I back it off which takes me back to my initial problem.

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Why don't you take a picture of your bobbin winder, so we might be able to assist you better?  A picture is worth a thousand words.

You can also try taking your bobbin winder to a sewing machine repair store.  More than likely it is driven by a small sewing machine motor that can be repaired, oiled, brushes cleaned, etc. to get it running in better form.

If you have not oiled the wheel axel that that rubs agains the motor spindle put a few drops on it.  Look for some small threads wrapped around the axel binding things up.  Is the eyelet that feeds the thread to the bobbin aligned with the bobbin.  If it is off to one side, it might be putting more thread on one side of the bobbin than the other.  Bobbin winders need tender loving care too.

Best of luck fixing your issue.


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Bonnie:  On all the winders I have (4 or 5), the tension disks can be adjusted horizontally, and this controls where the thread is wound on the bobbin.  Look and see if your winder doesn't have a similar adjustment.  I think the screeching sound you hear is the "O" ring on the drive shaft slipping.  Probably time to replace it.  Good luck.  Jim

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