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I inquired about a SD long arm listed in the forum. I got a message from the seller And a message from another seller. The second person asked if I had found one because he/she had similar machine to sell. I received several messages sent to my email address. The email appears to be sent via the forum. A very good deal, send 50% payment now and the rest after I receive the machine. I am questioning the validity of this deal. I did not give my email in the message forum. Does this sound like a scam or legitimate deal?  

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Users can message other users through the forum. The email would come from the forum and can also be viewed on the forum using the envelope icon by your user name.  You can see any other postings by the user in the forum by clicking on their user name. 

Have they sent you photos of the machine?  Is the machine going to be shipped or can you see it in person?  It could be legitimate - just be cautious.  

One other thought, if you have the name and the machine serial number, APQS might be able to confirm that info for you.  



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Hi Kitten 

As Sue said.  Yes you should be cautious.  The first thing you should do is click on the users name and see how long they have been a member and read some of their posts.  If you click on SueD above you will see she has been around for a couple of years and her posts are always on point and helpful.  If she decided to sell her machine her ad would be legitimate.  Someone who joined yesterday and their first post is a machine for sale I’d definitely want to see in person.  Most machines don’t sell immediately so there is no rush to send anyone money.



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