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Air compressor and nozzle


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Hello everyone. My name is Don.  My wife Angie is a new APQS Millennium user.  We finally finished building her sewing room and she is turning out quilts and having a great time.  She recently took the video training for new users.

I have a question about maintenance.  I was informed I need to get an air compressor run into the sewing room for blowing out (something) in the machine with a small nozzle.

I can drop an air line near the longarm, however:

  1. What do you use for a short hose?  Is it coiled plastic, or have you found something that is a good air compressor hose that will stay out of the way and acomplish your task easier?
  2. What nozzle do you recommend?  I need to get something new - since my garage compressor tools are not clean enough to enter the sacred space...
  3. Recommended pressures for blowing?  Is there a psi you use? 

I know this may be a bit excessive, but I only want to do it once...

Thanks in advance.

Don Fitz.

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In my opinion nothing special is required for the air line or nozzle, you are providing an economical option to canned air.  The five dollar air gun and a 1/4 in coiled hose from Harbor Freight or Princess Auto is sufficient.  I used to hang my air gun off the knob on the end of my backing roller and had a coiled hose to my compressor that was under the end of the table.  My pressure was at 100 psi but anything over about 60 would be sufficient.  Just drop an airline near the end of the table that she likes to do her maintenance.  


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Nigel - thanks for the down to earth and reasonable reply.

I have spent so much time creating a space for her to sew and long arm... I tend to overthink changes and additions.  We will post some pictures of her new sewing room on the pictures thread.  Technology stuff is next (TV and sound/videoconferencing) in the room.

Thanks again.  Have a great one.

Don Fitz.

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