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What Type/Brand of glue works best to attach new leaders to pickup bars

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I used two sided tape to attach my replacement leaders.  I ran a strip the entire length of each roller, using the seam in the tubing as a guide to keep the installation straight.  After I pressed the edge of my new leader down on the tape, again using the edge of the tape/tubing seam as a guide, I added a strip of tape about half the diameter of the roller perpendicular to the already taped down fabric every 18 inches from one edge of the leader to the other.  This helped keep the fabric from being pulled up off the tape.

After 12 years I've had no problems what so ever with the leader coming loose from the rollers.  Now, I have long leaders, so I rarely unwind them til the fabric pulls directly on the tape, which may have helped with the bond.  The installation was both neat, and pretty easy to control.  BTW, the tape I used 1/2" wide stuff I use with my wood working activities.  Hope this helps.  Jim  

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I used plain blue painters tape and five years later still holding strong even with my rolling and heavy tugging I do to keep leaders straightened out from being stretched .I tried everything else in the beginning with no luck of holding up,blue painters tape has not come loose at all !

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