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Should I buy a 2012 Lenni?

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I all,

I have an opportunity to purchase a 2012 Lenni for about $2300 (with frame).  This would be my first long arm machine.

Given the age, should I avoid this?  Are there any inherent issue with a model of this age?  Do you know if APQS still supports this machine?  I've read that APQS customer support is considered one of the best in the business.  Is there any feature that I will quickly realize that I would need/want that is missing on this model?  Do you know if the lifetime warranty is transferable when purchased used?



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Buy it, assuming it works as it should!  It is a good machine.  I bought a used 2011 Lenni and love it.  My only problems were beginner errors as there is a learning curve, so expect that. But there is a lot of knowledgable people on this forum that are willing to help. It is still very much supported by APQS. The lifetime guarantee is not transferrable, but these machines don't need a lot.  If you are planning to get into the quilting business you might want a bigger setup, but for your first machine this is perfect, you won’t beat the price or the product. Just my opinion!

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I purchased a 2008 Lenni a couple of years ago (and paid much more than that).  There really is very little that can go wrong with them.  I resold mine and upgraded to a new/larger used APQS machine.  

APQS is very helpful for any machine owner even if you don't have a warranty.  Owners can do much of the service/maintenance on the machine.  

Bliss tracks are an upgrade that many people like.  I'm not sure if that was available on that models.

If you get the serial number of the machine, APQS could possible give you any service information on it.

Otherwise, that sounds like a great price for a first machine.  If you find you want more bells and whistles, you can resell and upgrade.  The market seems to be good for any used APQS machines.  (You'll see Ultimate machines that sell here that didn't even have stitch regulation.)

Good luck!


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BUY IT!!!!  This is a first line machine at a bargain price.  People often buy junk and pay more.  If there is anything wrong with it, and there probably isn't, you can fix it.  APQS's support is outstanding, and they'll help you with anything you need.  Don't dither and miss out.  Jim 

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BUY BUY BUY !!!   This is a fantastic price for this year machine! 

For your first machine this price is wonderful and you can re sell it for more $ should you decide you want to upgrade or decide longarm quilting isn't for you.   APQS has wonderful support and this forum will help you too.  I don't think the warranty is transferable on this age machine.  You can always contact APQS to find out.

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