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Can no one tell me?

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I currently have an OLD remodeled quilter, which started as a White Rotary home machine. The traks or rails the wheels ride on, on the table have a separation in them, and when I roll over them during quilting I always got a hitch, a bobble, a wobble or a twist in the quilting.

My question, still, is this. With the Lenni table coming in two parts.. what is done to avoid this same problem where the two sections meet?

Please, someone explain how we quilt smoothly over that joint????


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Since no one else seems to be responding...

I briefly played with the Lenni at Innovations, didn't notice any bumps or other issues. I'd send an e-mail directly to APQS, specifically Mark, and I'm sure he'd be happy to respond.


Beth Durand

Elizabeth Originals Custom Quilting

2006 APQS Millenium

Authorized APQS Dealer

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Hello Everyone,

Great question. Everyone at APQS is so excited about Lenni and the opportunity to offer a stitch-regulated longarm quilting system for under $10,000 dollars. The interest in Lenni has been overwhelming and we appreciate you taking the time to ask us your question

There are rail trim caps that attach to the top of the table rails and run the entire length of the table track system. These trim caps eliminate a center joint and enable the quilter to enjoy a quick and smooth surface across the entire length of the table. Installation is a breeze. You simply unroll the rail caps and press them into place. They are designed to grip the underlying rails and stay in place. In the event that you would like to move your table or store it away in a closet, The rail caps are lifted off, rolled up and stored in a small box or bag.

We are excited to be displaying the Lenni quilting system along with rest of APQS's fine line of stitch-regulated, American-made quilting sytems at the Fall Market and Festival at the George R Brown Convention Center, Houston, Texas. Please check the APQS website for a complete list of quilt shows and events.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your passion;)

Gone quilting,


Jim Langland

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That's really cool about un-rolling the rails and re-rolling them for storage. Ingenious idea!

"Of all the things a woman's hands have made---The quilt so lightly thrown across her bed---The quilt that keeps her loved ones warm---Is woven of her love and dreams and thread." excerpt from The Romance of the Patchwork Quilt by Carrie A. Hall

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Shana in North Pole, Alaska ---- The Farthest North APQS Sales Rep  
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In my mind I can see what you might be asking but I test Drove the Lenni at MQS in Kansas at the last Quilt show and there is no such thing happening.

I think this would be like comparing Oranges to Apples. As soon as you can I would take a test Drive of the Lenni. It is a REALLY cool machine.

I believe it is the hobbiest BEST choice on the Market. That is not to say you couldn't quilt on it for money but it does come with the 10 foot table which only restricts your width.

It's a neat machine. No I do not work for APQS. I am an owner of the Millie and Ult I. I love my APQS machines. From my two years experience using APQS the service is impecable and Quality is just great.

Tammie Baggett

aka Grammie Tammie

926 Stephens Dr

Westcliffe, Colorado 81252


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Mr. Jim. THANK YOU so very much for such great news.. I'm so tired of kabump kasnap, etc..

Michie,, is that you??? Hi. slit my finger open, fishing today.. still outfished himself.. mmm goood eating tomorrow. Bet you know me from old machine comments, huh? ;o)

Grammie, I also thnk you so very much.. I did drive the Lenni and the ease the smaller machine moves was the deciding factor.. even before cost. However we only had a 5 foot table to play on. I''d probably be using an APQS by now had I been able to choose a different machine, and gotten a great bonus or discount, too.


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