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tightening cables


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I feel the cable, that runs the length of table, needs to be tighten, but can not find the directions in any of the manuals.

Does anyone know which manual, and what page it is on?

Or, what is the best way to go about this? They are not causing any stiching problems, but sure do bang around a lot.



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Hi Ann

to tighten the x axis cable look at the small pulley on the right hand side of the table. You will see a bolt on the left hand side, a pulley wheel then a slider block with a screw in it.

Loosen the screw a little and then wind in the bolt on the left of the pulley wheel with your fingers until it is as finger tight as you can get it and then tighten the screw on the slider block firmly.

The bottom wire, at the centre of the table should have a little slack. When the machine is moving along the table you should be able to see it bounce slightly.

To test that the tension on the wires is correct quilt a design like two rows of 3 circles. the circles should be set up to touch each other side by side and the rows touching. If they don\'t you need to adjust the wires.

Good luck

sue in australia

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Hi Ann,

It\'s very important to keep your cables taut, and it\'s such an easy adjustment (sorry no instructions in the manual!).

Just follow Sue\'s instructions and you\'ll be fine. When you look at the tightening mechanism it\'s pretty obvious what needs to be done.

As a pattern digitizer, I test and retest my patterns. I kept thinking something was wrong with the way I was digitizing, as everything looked perfect on the screen, but when I stitched the designs out I was getting inconsistent results. After tightening the cables (DUH!), they stitched out perfectly. I wasted a LOT of time and frustration, when the solution took about 1 minute and 30 seconds at the most.

Darlene Epp



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