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sporadic railroad stitches on back

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My machine (Mille) causes 'railroad tracks' on the back of my quilts, but it is very irregular in occurance. It will go along well, then out of the blue , with no changes in anything, it will have a short run of 'tracks', then return to good stitches again.

Any suggestions on what causes this to happen?

I use the TOWA for bobbin tension, but I'm wondering if my bobbins don't wind consistantly. The gauge fluctuates as I pull the thread for a tension reading. I wind the bobbins on my Mille. Is there a better way to wind them? Some other gadget for me to purchase?



Good Gracious Quilting

Coburg, Or

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Hey Connie~

You are so right!

Chris & I did a set up on Sunday, & we were pleasantly surprised to find the new winder!

It was very user friendly, & the tension on the bobbins were *PERFECT*!

I am calling in my order today!;)

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Will this work better than the on board winder on my new Millennium? If so I'll have to order one!

On a similar subject, someone mentioned that the Towa gauge ordered from APQS has the settings printed on the box. Since I ordered mine from another source I don't have the numbers. Can anyone tell me what the recommended bobbin tension is for the Millennium?

I have had my machine for about a month and I am having so much fun with it! Thanks APQS for producing such a wonderful machine!:D

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Grace, I was having a similar problem. I was using pre-wound bobbins and the cardboard sides were causing the tension changes (and my "tension headache") I took the cardboard aff andthe problem stopped :D:D.

I've seen people talk about this TOWA tension thing... where does it come from? what is it? how do I get one?

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Lisa E.:

The setting for the Toyo gauge are as follows:

Prewounds = 25

Metal bobbins = 20

Now keep in mind that each of our machines are different in their likes and dislikes. So these settings are a starting point for you. I.E. If I'm using the plastic sided Superior Bottom Line prewound, my setting needs to be looser, around 18-20. Experiment and find what setting looks the best for your machine.

Might I suggest taking an address label and write your settings on it and put it underneath your tension gauge, that way you've always got it.

Good luck and have fun.

Linda B.


APQS Millennium

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I always have a baby quilt size muslin quilt ready to use for test/warm up. I can quickly attach it to the leaders with quilt clips. Quilters Rule I know has them. You can make your own out of PVC. Sue Schmeiden has one (practice quilt) with zippers always ready to zip on with her leader zippers. Sometimes she uses the card board batting roll cut in 1' pieces cut down the middle to attach the practice quilt to fit over the leaders.


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