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NQR recipes - gifts in a jar


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This forum has cobwebs on it. What's up? Don't we have time to cook anymore? Winter is coming fast and we all need to stock up so our crock pots will be filled during those cold months ahead.

A group of ladies came to my house last weekend and we made gifts in a jar. We used the ideas from the Gooseberry Patch book Gifts for Giving. If you've never done this before, you've got to try it. We used ingredients purchased in bulk at the local supermarket. We each contributed canning jars that were sitting in our pantries not being used. We made the prettiest jars with layers of a dozen different beans, pasta, and grains--just like sand art. We kept the seasonings separate in zip loc bags. Topped them with rings and lids. Then the best part of all--we cut fabric circles and ribbons to make them beautiful. Guess where the fabric came from! Yup--MY STASH.


We made soup mixes, cookie mixes, hot cocoa, toffee coffee, and seasoned oyster crackers.


Can't wait for those crisp fall days to try one of them. :D

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Bonnie, that looks like you had a lot of fun doing that. I did that a # of yrs ago and I had forgotten about it. Our daughter did that a couple of yrs ago for Christmas gifts. I think she made "Sugar Cookies". Thanks for jogging my brain. This would be a great gift for my sm quilt group that I belong to.:cool:

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I LOVE the Toffee Coffee mix.

If it wouldn't be violating the copyright:

Easy Toffee Coffee

2/3 cup coffee granules

1 cup powdered non-dairy creamer

1 cup brown sugar, packed

1 Tablespoon toffee Pieces, crushed

Combine all ingredients in a large bowl; store in an airtight container. Attach instructions. Makes 3 cups mix.


Use 2 to 3 teaspoons of mix for every one cup boiling water. Makes one serving.

The concept is to make a big batch, then dress it up in a pretty jar with a label/instructions.

Now, I am one to NEVER follow a recipe. The amount of toffee pieces looked rather sad--so to this amount of mix, I added NOT ONE Tablespoon, but HALF a PACKAGE of Heath Bar toffee bits. You could crush Almond Roca bars to your hearts content to make it really yummy.

I'll go get the other recipes--be back in a while.

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Hi Boni,

Just found this forum...Mmmmmm. I love doing these for Christmas. I have a "cook book" That has these recipes for gift giving and even includes little gift tags with directions for prep for the receiver.

When I get home from Montana I'll post the book's name.

Thanks for the web links you all.

Also, for shipping or an extra gift, you can buy those Lock Lock storage containers to fill. They're pretty inexpensive and are teriffic for any kind of food storage, esp brown sugar. I stored brown sugar ( was going to shorten that to BS but decided that wouldn't sound very appetizing:o:D) in one last summer at our MT place and it was just fine and nice and soft this summer when I made cookies!

You can find these at Costco, some supermarkets and on line.This is one place that has a good selection of sizes: http://www.organize.com/lolofostco.html

I use the 5 cup one for brown sugar.

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