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Dear all,

I tried reading the book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People this weekend. I couldn't even get through the 1st chapter. was I just sleep deprived? (shake your head yes)

has anyone else read this book? should I just skip the 1st chapter and go on to the next?

that would probably only give me 6 habits, but hey! that's better than 0. :P:P:P


Rose Hall


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I have read it and actually heard Covey speak at Marquette University's graduation in 2002. It is kind of common sense, however actually identifying the seven habits makes you more aware.

Especially helpful to me is listening to understand. So often we are thinking of our next response as someone is talking instead of truly listening. I use it every day in nursing triaging phone calls.

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Originally posted by Mary Beth

I have it...haven't read it. My DH has skipped through it and he really knows me and has said that I would hate it and would not "get it" :o Maybe I should read it and show him!!

Mary Beth, you should get the "Book on Tape" version -- (seriously-no joke!) you can listen to it and quilt at the same time. You can sharpen your saw and quilt; seek to understand and quilt; synergize and quilt (you get my drift)

Plus, the benefit to listening to it on tape or CD is you get to hear Steven Covey's voice speaking to you. He really is a great speaker! :)

Holly, I have to completely agree with you about the "Seek to Understand,,,Then be Understood" philosophy. This specific one of the 7 habits is the single one that I still to this day, try to keep up front in my mind. I think it's saved my bacon a few times. LOL! My lesson learned is, if I first seek to understand the person who is speaking to me, then that person will most likely try to understand the same for me. It's a win-win! (pun intended) :D

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