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  1. APQS Ultimate II not for sale

    Quilt EZ Perfect Stitch which is their stitch regulator One of my friends just had it installed on her Ultimate I. She's here in Iowa, the Repr is in Kansas City area. I'm sure there are other Reprs in other areas/states.
  2. Make sure the mounting is secure and tight. I had my motor loosen up and nearly fall off the shaft one time. I make sure I check to make sure the rubber teeth are tight when I check all the nuts and bolts during complete cleaning maintenance times.
  3. My studio is getting a facelift

    Getting it ready for the new Millie, huh
  4. Probably used the thicker walled PVC pipe. I noticed that the "foot" portion is a bit longer/wider than the diameter of the roll of batting - would ensure the whole thing doesn't tip over. As Connie says - "genius" idea.
  5. Cross for Comfort

    Beautiful Eric. May the quilt give your daughter much comfort during her healing.
  6. Check with a Babylock dealer for the correct price - a new one used to cost arount $15,000.00!   Perhaps you meant $11,000??

  7. The Mountain Top Quilting website shows it under their piecing patterns. Is that the shop you found the kit?
  8. Bobbins

    I keep the aluminum bobbins on hand - ordered from APQS. I also have a few steel bobbins that came with the machine, but have never used them.
  9. My opinion only - - if the lower quality battings have any cotton seeds, and you hit one of those with your machine - possibility of breaking a needle. That would be the issue for me.
  10. W&N sometimes has cotton seeds/pieces that your needle may hit, or that may be felt through the backing. Perhaps that is what quilters are referencing. I've used it for many quilts and have had no issues except for some bearding at times. It's not my favorite, but I quilt many charity quilts for my church's missions and the lower cost of W&N helps us make more quilts. For personal quilts I use QD, and usually their wool batting.
  11. Intellistitch folks

    Nolting 1105 Hawkeye Dr. Hiawatha, Iowa 52233 Phone: (319) 378-0999 Fax: (319) 378-1026 Email: General Information: Sales: Customer Support: Webmaster:
  12. Circle Lord

    I suggest looking at both company's websites, look at the components that make up each basic system and the boards each of them have to offer. I have and use boards from both Michael (CL) and Ron (RnS) . You can also call and visit with them to find out more about each of their products. It's all good
  13. Circle Lord

    R & S boards are good too. They're smaller and lighter. I have several and use them with my CL system; requires a different R & S stylus as the grooves are a different size. As a comparison, with my CL large boards I have three across on the table - five R & S boards to cover the same length.
  14. Circle Lord

    Yes they are certainly in business. If there's a question about the pricing, just send a message to Michael and he'll respond. He responded to me a week ago re one of the long boards.
  15. Project Angel Quilt

    It's beautiful. Thanks for doing all of this for us. Rita will certainly feel the love.