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  1. Rulers

    I love ruler work. So I have way more rulers than anyone should but that is partly because I didn't wait and see what was out there and what I would like. Lin is right take your time and do get a ruler base. My favorite rulers are ones with handles, such as Quilters Apothecary or ... I can't think of the other brand but if you start looking you'll find them.
  2. Yes you're right it is Strawberry Shortcake that wa my other daughter. After 30 years I can't be responsible for my memory
  3. Is that a Holly Hobbie face I see? My daughter is 37 and I made her a Holly Hobbie quilt when she was about 8! Didn't know she was still around. I love that Quilt!
  4. EQ 8

    Well I did it! You guys did it to me again. I told myself I was done buying EQ programs but this one looks different. And I looked at the link you mentioned and I think I'll be taking those classes! It was $99.95 and of course no shipping. I'm such a sap!
  5. EQ 8

    @Cagey There's is a Black Friday code right now Cyber25 it's only good until November 27th at midnight. On the EQ website Forget what I just said the EQ8 is excluded from the sale
  6. EQ 8

    Yes, Madelyn, I'd be interested in that coupon also. You people have talked me into it
  7. EQ 8

    Thanks I'll check it out
  8. EQ 8

    You people are really tempting me I've not used my EQ much as I find it difficult. I've had it since it's first EQ and continue upgrades only because I kept thinking it would become more idiot friendly. After EQ7 I told myself no more. Now hear I am again thinking this could be the one
  9. Oh thanks for sharing this, I had not heard. She was a treasure, I watched her for years, and learned plenty!
  10. Crosshatch

    Close to how I do it but even better, Thanks Cagey!
  11. Wow that is a wonderful and noble thing to do. I praise you for honoring her as she honors our Veterans! Freedom isn't free and most young people have no idea what that really means! My accolades to you alll!
  12. That's a wonderful! Did I understand you made this for the Media Specialist ? If so that is quite generous, and kind thing to do!
  13. That's exactly what I was thinking. I'm also thinking the colors were the perfect choice!! Great Job all around