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  1. Yes, Innova was there last year and I spend a lot of time taking to them before buying my Millie They were not there this year. And it is a small show. Maybe I will come up to the Phoenix show in January. I just think people looking need to see all the good ones. And that does include APQS! if I hadn't had a friend who was a dealer I won't have know how good they are.
  2. I'm in the Tucson Quilter's Guild. Maybe I'll contact them and ask! Good idea Barb. Once I've had my Millie long enough I'm considering becoming a tech and /or dealer. We are very underrepresented in this area. Pamela
  3. Seems like we should have a way to have at least information at smaller shows that isn't so cost prohibited. The closest dealer to me is all the way in Las Vegas! That is quite a way away.
  4. I live in Tucson, Az. One a year we have a Quilt and Sewing Show known locally as the Rusty Barn show. Gammill is always there. Handiquilter is usually there. And so is RocketBlocket. Even Innova was there last year but not this year. But never APQS. We have one of the best machines out there. I'd love to see APQS represented. I've only owned my Millie for 6 months or I'd do it.
  5. Happy Veterans Day

    Thank you. Multiple veterans in my immediate family. Including my husband, mother, sister, brother, father, father in law, brother's father, step father, etc.
  6. Beautiful quilts. And you will LOVE your new Millie. Keep your Intelliquilter for her too.
  7. I have had my Magnificent Millie with quilt path for 4 months. I used a friend's Millie for 6 quilts before buying mine. I've done several more since. I'm what I would consider an advanced beginner, and Quilt Path makes me look good. I set up to do quilting as a business. I have had home businesses before and know what is needed. But despite all the typical stuff I am not getting clients. And before you ask; I have business cards I give out frequently, magnet signs on my car, a Facebook page, ads in the ASG and local Guild newsletters, do lots of show and tells, talked to shops, still trying to set up a website, am advertising on quilting pages that allow, did a sale, and more. All I have gotten is a few UFOs from someone on one of my quilting Facebook sites. I did my research and my prices are mid for my area. There aren't too many longarm quilters near by. I talk about my business all the time. But so far still no local clients. Hubby was a adamant that I pay back my Millie by taking in quilts. I'm willing, but am stumped. Other than finishing my website, which I'm trying to do, what else can I do?
  8. Free Claudio Pfeil video and Quick Zip system

    Will Send check today.. Address is 6035 S. Jakemp Trail, Tucson, AZ 85747 Thanks
  9. Free Claudio Pfeil video and Quick Zip system

    I'm interested in the video. 85747 zip code. Pamela Tucson, AZ
  10. Tried to use a short screw driver, no luck. Ended up taking the head off and fixing it. The other screw was loose too, so glad I did. Now just trying to update my tablet, and reload the drivers . My Quilt Path wouldn't set safe zones, so am trying that.
  11. It's a screw that holds the back red clamp for Quilt Path. It attaches to the underside of the head between the head and the carriage
  12. After hours Support

    Lift your thread cone and make sure the thread isn't wrapped around the stand. Sometimes it's as simple as that.
  13. Cables

    Hi Chris! I am also a midwife and quilter! Great screen name. Pamela
  14. Near the end of a project. The pattern started to degrade. Turned everything off and tried on another spot. Still messed up. Finally my head wouldn't come all the way forward, so I started investigating, The back clamp lost a screw. It wobbles now and I suspect this is the problem. Millennium 2017, Bliss track, Quilt Path. Question, do I need to remove the head t fix this I suspect? And should I check for anything else? Pamela G. Tucson, AZ
  15. I have a new Millie. Using it I keep hearing a variety of beeps. Is there a source that interprets the beep codes for our machines? I tried a search on the website and it didn't come up with anything.