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  1. Here are a couple I just finished recently from clients.
  2. Millie Sweepstakes

    I entered daily for three years, finally bought my Millie last year during a demo sale.
  3. Anyone with ideas?
  4. A client gave me her Judy Neimeyer Mariner's Compass quilt to do on my Millie. But she doesn't want the typical dense quilting that goes with JN designs. She wants a panto "swirly with points" in the center star, and something curving around the lower border, and a highlight design in the blank corners. The ONLY easy part of this is the corner blocks. I'm not good enough freehand to do a quilt like this and wanted to use Quiltpath. But am wondering if I have any other option. No feathers or lines or dots or circles. Ideas?
  5. What finally helped was rethreading my top and doing a big WD-40 treatment then redoing the tension several more times.
  6. 2017 Millie with Quiltpath. Have been using prewound bobbins exclusively, mostly Magna Glide without any issues. Had never tried my Turbo winder. Got a client quilt where she wanted a variegated thread. I had a good one with Affinity by Fil-Tec. Then she decided to ask for matching thread in the bobbin. Well, Fil-Tec doesn't offer prewounds in that line that I can find. So I dug out my second bobbin case, and finally figured out how to use the Turbowinder. The bobbins looked like they wound properly. I used the aluminum ones and the same Affinity thread. Set up my machine to quilt. As usual, I tested the tensions on a sample. Ugh! Bobbin tension was bad. so started the routine to adjust it. Tightening the top only made it fractionally better, so I tried the bobbin case adjustments. Went a bit far and tightened it too much, but fixed that fast. Tightened the top several times until on the sample it looked ok. Started the panto. First pattern looked fine, so I continued. Shouldn't have. The rest of the row had wonky back tension and I'm going to have to rip it all out. The only different factor seems to be the aluminum bobbin. I don't have a TOWA gauge, but the "hold up" test was ok. Help! Pamela Sonoran Sky Quilting
  7. Faith

    Look under the machines for sale section
  8. Go to the quilt path group and check the files. Do the windows update procedure. Easy to do and needs to be done often.
  9. Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving. No turkey here. Brisket, Sepahardic fresh salmon, mushroom risotto, roasted vegetables, Greek salad, collard greens, and rolls. Pumpkin cheesecake and pecan pie with ice cream for dessert.
  10. Yes, Innova was there last year and I spend a lot of time taking to them before buying my Millie They were not there this year. And it is a small show. Maybe I will come up to the Phoenix show in January. I just think people looking need to see all the good ones. And that does include APQS! if I hadn't had a friend who was a dealer I won't have know how good they are.
  11. I'm in the Tucson Quilter's Guild. Maybe I'll contact them and ask! Good idea Barb. Once I've had my Millie long enough I'm considering becoming a tech and /or dealer. We are very underrepresented in this area. Pamela
  12. Seems like we should have a way to have at least information at smaller shows that isn't so cost prohibited. The closest dealer to me is all the way in Las Vegas! That is quite a way away.
  13. I live in Tucson, Az. One a year we have a Quilt and Sewing Show known locally as the Rusty Barn show. Gammill is always there. Handiquilter is usually there. And so is RocketBlocket. Even Innova was there last year but not this year. But never APQS. We have one of the best machines out there. I'd love to see APQS represented. I've only owned my Millie for 6 months or I'd do it.
  14. Happy Veterans Day

    Thank you. Multiple veterans in my immediate family. Including my husband, mother, sister, brother, father, father in law, brother's father, step father, etc.