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  1. PamelaG

    Customer Quilt Photo's

    I have a website but it keeps disappearing. I do use Instagram and Facebook. Instagram is now owned by Facebook, so you can post pictures there and also post on your Facebook page at the same time. Beware of "promote this post" though. That gets very expensive very fast, no matter how good a deal it looks like.
  2. PamelaG

    Sewing Machines

    good Will be praying for you
  3. PamelaG


    Can you post a picture of what you mean?
  4. There are arrow pantos that might work well.
  5. PamelaG

    Sewing Machines

    If you are in Tucson I could come look at it.
  6. PamelaG

    Sewing Machines

    A bit much, thanks.
  7. Is she planning to hand quilt or do it on a domestic machine? I do it differently for each.
  8. PamelaG

    Troubleshooting Stitches

    All I can suggest it to really look closely at your bobbin, there might be a bit of lint or a thread caught in the hook or race.
  9. Go for the Millie. I researched a lot before getting mine. The quality of the frame and smoothness there is no comparison. Even very old APQS machines are still running well, and I've seen many Handiquilter machines DOA after a few years of hard use. They just aren't made as sturdy. And the APQS machines have outstanding customer service. Pamela Sonoran Sky Quilting Tucson, AZ 2017 Milllie
  10. PamelaG

    Sewing Machines

    SO sorry to hear that James. There are several sewing groups in Tucson, and I can let them know. I might be interested in the 221, what do you want for it?
  11. PamelaG

    Some client quilts

    The grey one is an arrow panto I bought from Wasatch Quilting. She had arrow fabrics in it and on the backing so it seemed appropriate. She actually didn't like her quilt! I suggested a turquoise thread and arrow panto, and I am looking forward to seeing if she now will like her quilt.
  12. Here are a couple I just finished recently from clients.
  13. PamelaG

    Millie Sweepstakes

    I entered daily for three years, finally bought my Millie last year during a demo sale.
  14. Anyone with ideas?
  15. A client gave me her Judy Neimeyer Mariner's Compass quilt to do on my Millie. But she doesn't want the typical dense quilting that goes with JN designs. She wants a panto "swirly with points" in the center star, and something curving around the lower border, and a highlight design in the blank corners. The ONLY easy part of this is the corner blocks. I'm not good enough freehand to do a quilt like this and wanted to use Quiltpath. But am wondering if I have any other option. No feathers or lines or dots or circles. Ideas?