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  1. I have a new Millie. Using it I keep hearing a variety of beeps. Is there a source that interprets the beep codes for our machines? I tried a search on the website and it didn't come up with anything.
  2. Why are there almost never classes in the Western USA? I really don't want to travel to take a class. But looking at the calendar, there are usually ones in Texas, North Carolina, and Iowa. Rarely elsewhere. How about Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, or California? I'd even do Oregon or Washington.
  3. It's gonna be here in less than an hour. I'm excited and can't wait.
  4. I did order my Millie on the demo sale. it was supposed to be delivered today. I decided to call the freight company and found out they'd called my phone that is unavailable right now so put it on hold. Rats! I gave them the new number and it's now scheduled for tomorrow. I bet I find a lot of missed calls when I get that phone back from service !
  5. My Millie should arrive today! I have gotten a bunch of quilting patterns and anticipate getting more. I will have Quiltpath. My dealer used iPattern to organize her patterns, but it looks like that software is no longer supported. Can anyone recommend another software that will allow me to see and organize my quilting patterns?
  6. I've used King Tut without problems on a Millie. You have to loosen tension as it is a thicker thread. Slow down too.
  7. I am getting anxious to get my Millie. I finally got the cash and I've both emailed and called and have not been able to reach anyone. Gosh. I've had the order in for a month and am ready to pay and get it delivered.
  8. I charge $12 flat.
  9. My friend is a dealer and has let me play with her Millie. Just put in an order and am somewhat panicking. Finding room, cost, etc. Husband said okay as long as you can pay it back by quilting. So am researching starting a long arm business. There are apparently many other long arm quilters in my area. Can you all share tips on starting that business and truly making it work? And maybe calm me down in my fear that I'm making a huge expensive mistake. Pamela Tucson, Az