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    Lemon Tree Tami got a reaction from pumpkinpatchquilter in I am seriously ready to quit! :( Vent.   
    I'm so sorry that you're having machine woes Valerie. On the bright side once you replace your belt you'll have a machine that'll be good for another two decades of hard work. I wouldn't worry about a present for your hubby. You're working on giving him the best one ever in another handful of months. 
    It must be the time of the year for things to break down. We were on the drive home from Thanksgiving in LA with folks when our RV gave us problems. The hydraulics went out on our steering. Poor hubby had to wrestle the beast when making turns so we drove it straight to the shop. Too bad too because we're supposed to drive up to Vancouver this weekend to pick up our new pup. Guess we'll have to road trip it the old fashioned way. We are looking forward to expanding the pack.
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to T Row Studio in always interesting to hear a quilts story   
    I just pulled this quilt off the frame. The quilting is nothing special just a large meander and yes it was stitched over the embroidered block. that was the price range my friend was comfortable with,
    But the story touched me. So I will share it with you.
    My friends niece always played cards with her Grandmother,the cards were loony toon cards . One day her grandmother said we should blow up these images and I could embroider quilt blocks and make you a quilt. So the little girl got to work making the designs the right size for a quilt block. And Grandma did embroider the block beautifully but they got put in a box as lots of our projects do. and was forgotten for a number of years, as the grandmother was aging and unable to sew anymore she asked her daughter ( my friend) if she wanted these blocks. Yes she took the blocks
    Knowing the story about the playing cards she found out the nieces favorite color , lime green, if you haven't guessed and she put the quilt together. She will be receiving a special gift from here aunt , in memory of her Grandmother. The niece also got the playing cards when they were clearing out the house such a special memory 
    Cherish the time you have with family in the busy time of year.
    All the best in 2015

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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to Leigh in Thankyou all the great people on this forum   
    As the year is ending and my American friends have thanksgiving I wish you all the best. There are a lot of people that have helped me through the year and a half of learning how to use my used Millie. Helping with batting issues tension, Kim sold pantos etc. I can't Thankyou enough I hope all my new friends have a nice thanksgiving and I pray your day is great! Leigh
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to Oma in You've Got Mail finished finally   
    This quilt has been my nightmare this past year.  You've heard me gripe about it.  Should have taken me a weekend to piece, but because I kept getting interrupted or sick or traveling it has taken me over a year.  It's like I could never put it up on the board to work on it without something coming up and I would have to take it down and wait for the next time.  Well, I finished it this morning.  I like it better than I thought I would.  It's a pattern that was on Missouri Star Quilts.  She did a video tutorial.  I used Tim Holtz fabric line called Eclectic Elements.  I found some neat fabric with post cards on it for the back.  I used the Soft and Crafty number 4 high loft batting in it and I really like how it quilted and how it looks and feels after.  I've always liked the quilt to have some "fluff" to it when finished.  Now I have to get started on my granddaughter's "Frozen" quilt. 
    Oh...I used CL Ribbons board on it.  I like the definition.

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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to RunningThreads in Help ... top thread constantly shredding -- UPDATE   
    My thought now is timing or needle flex since you have narrowed it down to sewing right to left.  You know how you can get skipped stitches if the timing is off and the hook misses picking up the loop of thread behind the needle.  I sure it is possible to almost miss the loop and actually split the thread.  Before you retime try using a 4.0 needle if you are not already and set the eye slightly to the left 6:30 on the clock.  The larger needle will flex less and sometimes turning the needle slightly will help with the hook catching the thread.  If this is the problem your timing must be so so close to being right.  Discuss it with Amy or Dawn and see if they agree.
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to chickenscratch in Just finished- flaming bargello   
    Just finished this little bargello beauty.  Chose fantasy flames pantograph.  Polyester batting, natural color thread on top and back.  Mounted sideways so the flames fit the bargello ridges better.
    There are more pictures on flikr. 
    This reminded me of why I don't like doing pantos.  i sewed almost an entire row with no bobbin thread.  
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to DawnCavanaugh in Help ... top thread constantly shredding -- UPDATE   
    So Fine thread should perform very well with little or no shredding. In addition, your machine is so new that it would be very unlikely that wear and tear is causing the thread to shred. Can you try one thing for me? Test whether the thread shreds when you are NOT using the IQ to stitch out the pattern. Sew something with the SR but not IQ driven.
    I ask this because we have had two customers in the past few months that have had constant thread shredding and breakage issues that also happen to have IQ's. After many different changes to mechanical parts of each machine in search of the answer, I finally asked each one to remove IQ from the equation. In both cases, the problem did not occur when only the machine was doing the driving. Apparently the "dwell" setting for the IQ software was set incorrectly, which resulted in shredding and breakage as the system lingered in one spot too long.
    If yours sews correctly without IQ, then give Zoltan a call to see how to change the dwell setting and see if that solves the issue. If it still misbehaves with no IQ in the mix, then let us know and we'll keep digging into the mechanical possibilities.
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to Quilting Grammy in LOOK WHAT I GOT FOR MY BIRTHDAY   
    Whoo Hoo look what my son got me for my birthday.  I had to find bobbins for it I hope the ones that I ordered work.  I am going to go back to the basics I am going to make a yellow and blue 9 patch can't wait to get started.
     Not sure what year it is, I just know that it is after 1913.

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    Lemon Tree Tami got a reaction from pumpkinpatchquilter in Sharing your work - show or exhibit? Art or traditional?   
    I think it's nice to have beautiful workmanship alongside the artistic compositions so I'd say keep up your high standards as you continue growing with your work. It'll be wonderful to see what you do years from now. And I wouldn't worry whether you had a formal art background or not. You can learn a lot by doing your own studying and working in series.
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to ffq-lar in I think I have lost a customer   
    Congrats on the machine, Joan!   Much fun and satisfaction ahead!
    Please don't be scared!! Just like other "catastrophes" the rare bad customer is just that---rare!
    Stories like this one get lots of attention because we empathize with her. And we're full of advise and stories of our own to use as examples.
    I've been going for 10 years now and have shared two bad customer stories. I was looking for sympathy--nods of recognition or head shakes of amazement! 
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    Lemon Tree Tami got a reaction from barbm in Help ... top thread constantly shredding -- UPDATE   
    Thank you Barb. I hadn't even thought of trying the flywheel to get the needle out. Okay I'm not even going to try to finish basting the quilt. I'm just going to take it off the frame so that I can figure everything out on a muslin sandwich. I don't want to risk ruining my client's quilt. Whew ... okay one problem partially solved. Thank you!
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to delld in First quilt after Caludia Pfeil's class   
    Took classes in Orlando at Wander Stitches with Claudia Pfeil last week  Had the best time and learned so much. Here is a quilt top I bought at Quilt Fest. I used some of what Claudia taught us. It's not perfect and of course I missed a triangle and had to go back to fill it in. 
    the top unquilted
    20141026_140610 by delld1964, on Flickr
    The back
    20141027_164523 by delld1964, on Flickr
    the front
    20141027_164418 by delld1964, on Flickr
    Thanks for looking. 
    Okay Meg, Debbie, and Vickie, show us your quilting too!
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    Lemon Tree Tami got a reaction from Bonnie H in Twitter - NQR   
    Too funny Bonnie ... my mom is the one who does all the constant texting. And if I don't respond to it right away she freaks out and begins to send "are you okay?" texts. 
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to DawnCavanaugh in APQS ? Where were you........   
    hi everyone,
    We appreciate the fact that you all would like APQS to be at shows all over the country (and even the world!) And we would love to be at as many as possible, too! APQS is actually one of the very few family-owned longarm companies not owned by a corporation or investment bank. One of the things about being that small company with family values is that unfortunately financial resources and manpower are not in unlimited supply.
    We have a fabulous dealer network who help represent us, several of whom also vend at regional shows on our behalf. Yet even with their help, we cannot be at every place we would like be. By the time 2014 comes to a close, APQS will have had a booth either corporately or through a dealer at 59 different shows PLUS another 60 road shows. With three full time sales team members and about 15 active traveling dealers, that leads to a whole lot of miles and days on the road. That is almost 2.5 shows every week!
    That is also why you won't see APQS machines in Longarm classrooms as much as when there were only 5-7 machine quilting shows in a year. Now nearly every major quilt show also has Longarm classrooms. That is great for students, but next to impossible logistically and financially to have 10 machines at each of those shows plus a show booth, plus people to manage it all.
    We do our very best to support our dealers who also represent us at regional shows by taking their own equipment to the show, take time off from work to do so, etc. These women and men use their time and talent to spread the word about APQS machines on their own time and often on their own dime because they also believe in the product and frankly love what they do. And as much as we would also love to financially support each of them, it just isn't possible. Their sales commissions help them earn a living doing what they love. If a potential customer develops a relationship with a local dealer, we encourage them to work with that local dealer before buying directly from APQS for just that reason.
    We love to sell machines because we believe in them. We designed them to be the best they can be. We hand build each one. We guarantee them for life. But I count myself lucky to work for a company that also values family and respects (and encourages) a work-life balance. That means sometimes choosing to say "no" when looking at all the possible quilt shows across the nation we could attend (have you noticed how many there are now? And have you noticed a drop in the number of quilts, vendors, and even attendees at the shows?) There are simply too many now for us to be represented at every single one, even with a strong dealer network.
    That is also why we take our "show on the road" with Road Shows. Even with all the quilt shows out there, there are still many parts of the country without any major or even "local" show for quilters to attend. We are always looking for ways to get the word out about APQS machines, and will continue to try and reach as many quilters as possible while maintaining the company's core family values.
    We THANK YOU all for your support and encouragement, too! The fact that you even posed this question shows that you believe in us and want to see more of us. We love all quilters!
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to JaniceC in Drum roll, please!   
    Well, I did it!
    I went to the Creativ Festival in Toronto today, and bought a new Lucey with bliss. It should be here in about a week.
    Thanks to Matt and the others at the APQS booth.
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    Lemon Tree Tami got a reaction from ffq-lar in Brown, cream, purple quilt--pics of back added--feathers and scrolls   
    What an unusual and pretty color scheme. I love how the pale creams let all of your feathers shine. Wonderful!
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to ffq-lar in Brown, cream, purple quilt--pics of back added--feathers and scrolls   
    Here's the latest finish. The odd spaces required some stand-and-stare. Feathers on the border and on the light fabrics. Scrolls and leaves on the darks. A spot of CCs inside the center HStriangles. So Fine putty color and purple thread on top. She provided W&N cotton batting. Her backer was unbleached muslin. This one, with the thin batting and high contrast in top thread colors required me to use tan bobbins with the light top thread and dark gray with the purple. I still had some trouble balancing the stitches. I'll add a photo of the back later so you can see.
    This one partially finished on the frame was my show-and-tell at the latest Moxie meeting. Here it is finished, Moxies!
    Thanks for looking!
    Here's a link to photos of the back so you can see the two bobbin thread colors.
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to delld in My first "Quilt Path" quilt   
    I bought the center of this quilt at Quilt Fest Jax a couple of weeks ago. So I added the borders and used Along Came a Spider by Patricia Ritter of Urban ELementz.  I learned a lot setting up a wavey panto. My first try on Oct 13th was a mess and I spent many  many hours frogging. I used Affinity thread and FIltec bobbins. I think Quilt Path and I have a long way to go and I know I'm going to really like it.
    20141016_113751 by delld1964, on Flickr
      close up
    20141016_113757 by delld1964, on Flickr
    Then today I used Circle Lord "Eagle Eye " on my SID's quilt for her great grandson!
    url=https://flic.kr/p/oKofvi]20141016_142146[/url] by delld1964, on Flickr
    20141016_142151 by delld1964, on Flickr
    Thanks for looking!
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to Bonnie H in Facebook/blog/ website???   
    A couple of tips for you bloggers that want to attract possible quilting business. One of these tips was passed on to me by Kathy of Tamarack Shack. Thanks, Kathy!
    Put your city name along with your state in your profile. If someone is looking for a quilter in Memphis, Tennessee, it will pull you up closer to the top in the search engines if that is on your home page/profile.
    This next tip is from me -- I figured it out by myself and can't believe I did. LOL (another quilter close to me has figured out the same trick)
    I'm not familiar with other blog hosts, but if you are on blogger/BlogSpot, open up the layout portion of your site and at the bottom of the layout, add a text box gadget. In this text gadget, you are going to want some key words that help the search engine find you. Add things like surrounding city names, quilt shops in your area, the words quilting, quilt, longarm, custom, pantos, etc. Anything you can think of, add it!!!
    The next thing you should do is make those words invisible. Meaning, whatever your background color is, make your text that color. The color I chose for my blog was entirely based on being able to "hide" those key words. If you chose background and foreground colors correctly, the words are going to disappear in your text box and on your website, but the search engine will find them when you type in say, "longarm quilting Tulare California." Give those words a shot in google and see if they pull up my blog. If you try this, it may take a few days for google (or whatever search engine you like) to pull up your blog.
    Also, things you put in your title for each post, the search engine will pull those hits up closer to the top of the search. (is that sentence that was kinda confusing?)
    Hope this helps!
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    Lemon Tree Tami got a reaction from delld in Another "Race" Quilt   
    Pretty! I bought that same pattern too but haven't used it on a quilt yet. It turned out great.
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to pumpkinpatchquilter in Facebook/blog/ website???   
    I would say the majority of my business is through my blog!  I have a basic price guide there and lots of photos.  I don't have a traditional website but I do pay for the dot com like Bonnie does.  I am a stay at home Mommy first so it works really well for me.  I prefer to work by email so it's at my own pace and leisure versus trying to run business hours in my home which just doesn't work for me because kids want me when THEY want me.  It doesn't matter to them if it's Mommy's work hours!  LOL  That way if I have to do my work at 3 in the morning...that's when I work!    It also may be when I answer my emails!  LOL  
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    Lemon Tree Tami got a reaction from lisata. in Modern Amish   
    I'm hoping to get this into a show at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles .... it's for an exhibit of Modern Amish with examples of real Amish quilts from Ohio alongside modern versions made by the local Modern Quilt Guilds and is curated by Joe Cunningham. 
    Top: Kona and Art Gallery Solids, pieced with Aurifil #50 thread
    Batting: Quilter's Dream Cotton Deluxe loft
    Quilted with So Fine #50 thread in charcoal
    Digital quilting design, Modern Serpentine by Anita Shackelford (tweaked by me to have variance in line spacing)
    Wish me luck!
    (Can I say once again that I LOVE my APQS Freddie with IQ ... what an amazing quilting combo!!!)

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    Lemon Tree Tami got a reaction from Bonnie in Ok in Modern Amish   
    Thank you so much for all of your quilt love and good wishes. I'll follow up with you and let you know if it makes it into the show.
    As for Bonnie Devenport's question: I took my inspiration from a traditional Amish bars quilt. Instead of doing a center with regular rectangular bars I opted to sew improv strips. The second border was just pieced with a variety of turquoise fabrics, some with smaller bits of strips and checkerboard. All of this was followed up with a variety of purples for the final border. I guess the modern part is that I wasn't concerned with perfect squares or rectangles as well as using non-traditional color choices. Ah, and that the original design for this was made on Adobe Photoshop. Then of course using a computerized longarm for the quilting was a modern way to quilt it. All just my interpretation of course. ;-)
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    Lemon Tree Tami got a reaction from DawnCavanaugh in Modern Amish   
    I'm hoping to get this into a show at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles .... it's for an exhibit of Modern Amish with examples of real Amish quilts from Ohio alongside modern versions made by the local Modern Quilt Guilds and is curated by Joe Cunningham. 
    Top: Kona and Art Gallery Solids, pieced with Aurifil #50 thread
    Batting: Quilter's Dream Cotton Deluxe loft
    Quilted with So Fine #50 thread in charcoal
    Digital quilting design, Modern Serpentine by Anita Shackelford (tweaked by me to have variance in line spacing)
    Wish me luck!
    (Can I say once again that I LOVE my APQS Freddie with IQ ... what an amazing quilting combo!!!)

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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to T Row Studio in Modern Amish   
    That looks amazing Tami great work
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