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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to pumpkinpatchquilter in My Millennium Is Home!   
    I have been sharing on FB all day today from my phone but have neglected to bombard everyone else!  LOL!  Let's remedy that, ok?  
    You all are so wonderful, I have to say.  You have answered my questions and hung out with me in anticipation and excitement, it's really meant a lot!  I am so glad I had all of you to share with!
    Here is my "new" to me Millennium!  Our family is a wee bit Disney obsessed...so in the spirit of my two favorite things...Disney and quilting...we named her "Millie Mouse"!  
    Here she is all set up on her new carriage, wheels!  The MM wheels really DID make a huge difference for me...at least until they've been broken in...I hope it doesn't change because I'm over the moon with the movement.  The stitch regulator...oh the stitch regulator is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I cannot believe I have been going without this for so long. 
    15885_947393415273912_7699612489073490301_n by Valerie/Pumpkin Patch Quilter, on Flickr
    Here are a few photos of my first stitches with Millie Mouse...
    11025132_947545961925324_3105395713804929577_n by Valerie/Pumpkin Patch Quilter, on Flickr
    I think we are going to get along WONDERFULLY!  I am just so happy I cannot even tell you.  All my worries were silly.  The ruler foot is wonderful - not only does it make rulers so much easier and I think I'm going to be ok with circle rulers.  
    Nigel was right - and I'm a dork - what I thought was a spool pin was for shipping my laser.  LOL!  But hey - now I know!
    I had questions and APQS got back to me quickly and fixed me all up - I just couldn't be happier!  Tomorrow I'm going to fiddle with some metallic thread and get to work on client quilts.  Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to Wannabelongarm in How to test-drive a longarm   
    Our APQS rental programs are great for allowing people to learn how to quilt a quilt using a panto and they get to try the machine and actually quilt for several hours while they get one of their quilts finished in the process.  There are starting to be more APQS rental programs across both Canada and the US.  
    We are also running 'pop-up' rentals now, too and they are a blast.  Quilters love seeing the APQS Sprinter in their city or town!
    Joanne Flamand
    APQS Sales and Education - Canada
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to chickenscratch in MQX finalists!!!!   
    I think I am allowed to share this pictures. I hope so.  Many of you have seen these before, since I finished this quilt last summer.

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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to chickenscratch in MQX finalists!!!!   
    The entrant list has been posted.  http://www.mqxshow.com/MQX/East/QuiltShow/Finalists-MQXNewEngland/index.cfm?ndrx=99
    Look, my name is there.  My quilt is going to MQX!!!  I hope it gets some good reviews, even if it doesn't win a ribbon.
    I saw a couple other APQS quilters listed on there. Hopefully they will share pictures of their quilts so we can see what they entered.
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to Bliss Quilter in Add Pictures - 1st time Entry Takes Honorable Mention - Linda's Christmas Tree   
    I was so excited yesterday, I found out that my 1st time entry took Honorable Mention.  I was not expecting to place at all, so this is really exciting.  Very encouraging because that is why I purchased Miss Millie was to do competition.  Quilting for others helps pay for my addiction, opps  I mean stash.  I will post pictures later.

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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to pumpkinpatchquilter in In Anticipation - Difference between Older and Newer Millie's   
    Thank you so much Nigel! I am so excited!
    Debbie, I do have power fabric advance currently and am soo glad I do...I definitely wouldn't want to quilt without it either...it's one feature totally worth the extra!
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to Luz2Quilt in Ever quilted just fabric yardage for an interior decorator?   
    Linda - your depth of quilting experience and knowledge is extraordinary!  Although I don't have interest in this particular quilting process, I do enjoy reading your posts and appreciate you taking time to share your experience and knowledge.  You're amazing.  Thank you.
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to ffq-lar in Ever quilted just fabric yardage for an interior decorator?   
    Just my experience, but interior decorators don't usually want to pay "retail" for a quilting job, so be forewarned. This type of job is perfect for those with computers, though! Your designs will be so even.
    One thing to ask him/her is how poofy they want the finished product and that should help you decide what to layer beneath the top. I wouldn't use cotton batting because of the sag factor and if it ever gets wet under the fabric it might mildew before the batting dries. If she wants poof, opt for poly batting and tell her the thickness options. Another thing to ask about is the plan to attach the quilted fabric to the wall. If they'll be attaching the fabric to rigid boards to mount on the wall, what you use as a backer won't matter as long as you get the poof that the decorator is looking for. Warn them of sag unless the fabric is tight after mounting.
    You could have new opportunities to quilt for decorators. Keep photos of the fabric when finished and also a pic of the wallcovering after the project is finished, if the decorator will be kind enough to share it with you. Decorators don't usually share their sources, so send out some info to local decorators if you enjoyed the process. 
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    Lemon Tree Tami got a reaction from ffq-lar in Ever quilted just fabric yardage for an interior decorator?   
    Thank you so much for all of the information Linda. I knew that someone on this forum would be able to help me out. For now I'm thinking that this project is a little out of my comfort zone. I'd be afraid of how much money the decorating fabric costs if something were to go wrong. I have visions of some multi-hundred dollar cream colored silk that would show any slight imperfections. Fortunately for me the decorator was able to figure out how he could do the project on his own. But in the meantime I'm a little better informed. 
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to Enchanted Quilting in Frugality meets Creativity   
    This is not the prettiest quilt, but it has a cute story.  Last winter (while being a snowbird) a gal picked up the completed Lone Star center out of a trash bin at her Florida church.  She brought it back to MN to her church and their quilting crew made it into a quilt.  It will go to one of their missionary's.  Maybe we need to guard our trash
    Frugality meets creativity by Charlotte Peterson Enchanted Quilting, on Flickr
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to pumpkinpatchquilter in I'm Finally Upgrading - to a Millennium! Eep!   
    Thank you!  Woohoo!  This is going to be the LONGEST wait ever!!!  Please oh please oh please ship soon!  I have quilts waiting on me!  
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to pumpkinpatchquilter in I'm Finally Upgrading - to a Millennium! Eep!   
    Just sharing with all of you who have offered me SO much support and help over this wonderful quilting journey of mine - I think it's safe now as the order is complete and payment has been made...our good friend on the forums Joyce Coburn has helped me get set up with the machine upgrade I have been dreaming about for SO long!  In around a week or so a "new to me" Certified Used APQS Millennium is headed to me!  I am just over the moon!  
    It will be a significant upgrade from what I currently am quilting on (an Ultimate 1) and I'm thrilled that things worked out so I could get my stitch regulation AND stay with APQS since they have not only been amazing in regards to customer support...but now that I can pull one apart and put it back together I'd like to stay with what I know!!!!  LOL!
    I just had to share with folks that I know will understand what a HUGE impact this will have on my quilting and truly my life!  I'm so excited!  
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to dramaqueenB in Hot off my Millie   
    Hello, ladies and gents!
    This is my first 'share post', and I'm a little nervous, but very excited about the dramatic improvement my Millie is over my old system!
    I humbly submit a couple of quilts I just took off my new Millie.  I have only had her since late November, and I am reeling in the new freedom to play with free motion modern designs and to try new things with each project.  (I load a larger backing and batting than the main quilt requires, and then practice free motion design ideas on little table mats and smaller projects in the side margin)
    These are not intricately pieced to give me lots of negative space to practice in, and so far, the stitch quality even changing thread weights and types of bobbins, is just excellent!  Pretty easy to look good when the machine is such a dream.
    A grateful shout out to the wonderful community here, and to you lovely and helpful experts who give so generously to us beginners.  Thank you!

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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to LaurieTigner in Newest wholecloth   
    Just finished newest quilt on Gertie, (my Millie)...have had so much fun and have learned a lot....entered it into MQX Manchester in the spring.....

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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to chickenscratch in 1000 likes   
    Thanks everybody.  I love to quilt and I would gladly quit my job and just quilt for others. It is the thing that clears my mind and lets me be me. 
    Tami, I have also started keeping up a blog page.  I have had several people subscribe to that.  I take business cards to Joann's and the JOann's that is 45 minutes away.  I will also carry a stack of cards with me when I go to the Paducah quilt show. 
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to chickenscratch in 1000 likes   
    For me this is a big deal, so I'm going to share with all of you- my best friends
    My facebook page for Sweet T's Custom Quilting now has over 1000 likes.   Even better, I have had six potential customers contact me in the last two weeks.  Another new customer mailed a quilt today from Louisiana.  It's a good thing, too; because my loyal local customer who gives me 5 or 6 a year has not been able to piece because of her arthritis and things going on with her family. 
    :P :D
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to dramaqueenB in Really Easy Panto Question-I think   
    Although I don't do pantos much yet, (I only recently got my Millie, upgraded from a mid arm that did not have a laser) I do lots of free motion overall and E2E designs.  As I learn a new design on a personal or charity quilt, I stitch out a square sample sandwich on muslin or scrap of micro print fabric.  I have a grommet tool, so I put a grommet in one corner, and put similar design samples together through the grommet on large binder rings I get at Staples or other office supply.  I can fit maybe 10 sample squares per ring.  I have started to bind them as well, like a small table mat, to show actual stitched out samples of the various basic designs I do really well.  People love to see them sewn out.  I can then scale them to the job at hand, etc.  I store them easily on coat hooks I have installed on the side of my book/supple case in my studio for eye candy for visitors.
    Not exactly on topic, but an idea for showing your work for hire, and I think it would translate to pantos samples also.

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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to ffq-lar in The cost of quilts   
    This article is for the new quilters wondering how to decide their pricing and for longarmers like our friend Teresa (chickenscratch) who's had more than her share of potential customers fishing for a bargain and telling her that her prices are too high.
    Warning---it's very long so get a cup of tea or a glass of wine and dive in.
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to Janetsmith in Parts arrived ! Timing success!!!MMM   
    Just wanted to give a cheer to my husband. My APQS parts arrived today and my husband successfully removed the old bobbin case installed the new one and got my machine timed!!!! I am up an running again!
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to pumpkinpatchquilter in Doodling Practice - High Contrast Thread   
    I did this on the Juki but I'd like to attempt it on the long arm.  I am still saving up for and lusting after a Lucey.  I was counting on winning that Millie giveaway darnit!  LOL  In any case this was my play yesterday.  Just wanted to share.  
    20150126_214047 by Valerie/Pumpkin Patch Quilter, on Flickr
    20150126_214105 by Valerie/Pumpkin Patch Quilter, on Flickr
    20150126_214009 by Valerie/Pumpkin Patch Quilter, on Flickr
    20150126_214019 by Valerie/Pumpkin Patch Quilter, on Flickr
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to ffq-lar in I Really Don't See What You Get Out Of Quilting   
    My hubby asks his buddies if they want to see the big sewing machine. This is after the tour of both of his shops full of machines big and small. They are astounded when they see it and fascinated by the rails and carriage and how it moves.
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to quiltedsunflower in I Really Don't See What You Get Out Of Quilting   
    I had to grin (no, actually a big smile) as I read David's post.  My dad, now gone 10 years, was a craftsman woodworker.  He was repairing the spindles on an antique rocking chair when the aneurysm hit.  My mom had recently taken up quilting and he had maticulously make her templates from masonite because he knew things had to be exact.  He was so proud of her first quilt because he understood the craftsmanship that went into it.  I live by what he always told us:  "You must have the right tool for the job".  He would be so proud of my APQS Freedom!!!
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to GMALKB in I Really Don't See What You Get Out Of Quilting   
    DH and I both have expensive hobbies..........he is a competition Trap Shooter, therefore, likes all the pretty guns and stuff that goes with them.    I love quilting and all the gizmos and gadgets and fabric that goes with that.   We are both happy and understand the other's passion for their hobby.   We are seldom bored and still find time to do things together like traveling.............I am sooooo glad we both have hobbies we enjoy.  We know a lot of people who are so bored and "have nothing to do"..........they need to be entertained all the time instead of finding something to entertain themselves.   
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to shirleyl in I Really Don't See What You Get Out Of Quilting   
    Hubby has snow mobiles, motorcycles and enjoys working on motors, machining and welding parts. He has his shop or garage out back I have the basement. I don't ask what he spends on parts, he don't ask what I spend on quilting. Mine us a business, his is a hobby for now I guess. My business also contributes to his hobby and vice versa. You have to have something you love.
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to mlsa3 in I Really Don't See What You Get Out Of Quilting   
    I have a friend who is probably the finest woodworker I've ever personally known.  He's an engineer by trade.  He's a perfectionist.  He has a woodworking shop woodworkers would dream about.  He has all commercial grade equipment.  He has a CNC router for inlay work.  He built musical instruments (mountain dulcimers) if you know what that is.  His waiting list to get one of his instruments was over 2 years.
    In a past life a few years ago I was a woodworker.  My 2 car garage was filled with woodworking equipment.  I had the best  woodworking tools available (not commercial grade).  I also made musical instruments (mountain dulcimers).  I was good but nothing compared to him.  I had a pretty good part time business selling custom instruments.
    His wife is a quilter.  Another perfectionist.  Has a beautiful quilting studio.  When I saw that I probably wouldn't get to do a lot of woodworking when I retired I took up quilting.  When we got together I talked woodworking with him and quilting with her.
    One day he told me, "I just don't see what you get out of quilting."
    So I told him.  "It's just like woodworking.  They are both expensive hobbies.  The initial purchase of equipment is expensive.  Then you start adding all of the extra's and you pay even more.  You have a computer operated CNC router to help make perfect inlays.....quilting machines can have a computer operated system to help make perfect designs.  You spend time planning and laying out your designs.  Quilters do too.  You go to lumber yards to choose only the perfect boards for your instruments.  Quilters go to fabric stores to purchase the perfect fabric for their designs.  You cut out the woodworking using precise measurements so that everything fits together perfectly.  Quilters do the same.  You glue up the boards so well that you can barely see a joint.  Quilters piece their fabric so that the seams are perfect.  Once built you have to sand, stain and put a durable finish on it.  Once the quilt top is completed it has to be quilted to make it last.  The end result:  Something you created that you can be proud of the design, the craftsmanship that went into it.  So woodworkers and quilters are just alike...one uses wood and one uses fabric."
    His wife was sitting back grinning and agreeing.  He finally said, "I had never thought about it like that.  I guess you are right."
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