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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to T Row Studio in Finally got my Bliss installed YA!!! look at my first quilt that is blissed   
    Well I had quite an ordeal getting my table blissed installed onto a 2005 machine so the cord that need to hook up the stitch regulator needed to be specially built and the first one they sent did not work but yesterday they brought another one and IT WORKS YA . So I put a baby qilt on and payed wow what a difference that makes I had a blast doing a freeform design on it I am going to love this new table Have a look at my practice quilt is it perfect no but boy was it fun.

    Thanks for looking 
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to Myrna Ficken in Maybe this isn't for me? Update   
    Joan,. don't be so hard on yourself. It is such a creative outlet. and as someone said not many are fabulous in the beginning. It takes some time and adding bits here and there. Educational classes help. Trying to learn all on your own is not always best. I don't know where you live but I am having a week of classes at My APQS showroom and Education center in St. George UT.  I posted the classes earlier today but here they are again. A good confidence buster is worth its weight in gold!  Yes you can do these!  Stop thinking you can't  Ialso have several DVDs that would help you.
    March 16, Rulers Rule,  10-2,  4 hour class $ 125.00
    Rulers need not be a scary thing. Myrna will teach you how to hold then, and move you hand when stitching with them. So many wonderful designs can be created with a simple ruler. This class will only be the beginning to upgrade your quilting style. Follow up with Fear No Borders and Sashing to add some spice to your ruler work.
    March17, No Fear Borders and Sashing, 10-2, 4 Hour class $125.00

    Myrna will teach free-motion designs you can use on everyday customer quilt.  Leaves, flowers, and geometric without turning your quilt for you side borders. You will also learn how to use mark with a couple of simple rulers to make fun and beautiful borders
    March 18, Fill Er Up Background Designs, 10- 3, 5 hour class  $175.00

    Longarm applique doubled with many fun background fill. You will have everything you need to create your own masterpiece. Optional fun extras you might want to add to your piece will be available to purchase.  " Modern Style top will be included in price.
    March 19, A to Z, 10-2, 4 hour class. $125.00
    A class to discuss and try whatever you are wondering about. Thread choices, choosing designs, tensions, pricing, and custom verses E2E, Modern Quilts. Please bring four different orphan quilt blocks you can stitch on, no larger than 8" please. Backing and batting will be provided. Backing will black fabric or muslin. This is just for practice showing you things that you may use for your next masterpiece.
    March 20, Feathers fun and Formal, 10- 2, 4  hour class $125.00

    We all loves feathers and everybody has their own style! Learn techniques for long and lean and full and frilly and E2E feathers. See how to fill the space fast and beautifully with no stress of getting in and out of area
    Myrna Ficken
    A Quilter's Choice LLC / APQS West
    144 W. Brigham RD, Suite 20
    St. George, UT 84790
    435-414-2026 Showroom
    435-229-2703 Mobile
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to AHuffman in Struggling   
    Starting a business is a little like pushing a snowball off a hill. You have to keep at it and eventually it will start rolling and picking up speed.
    Every time you go to your guild, take a sample. Every time you go to your local quilt shop.... and go a lot.... take a sample.
    See if you can teach a t-shirt quilt class at your local quilt and fabric shop. You'll find many of your students will have you quilt your quilt!
    Make sure you have a presence on the web. You need a website and/or blog to showcase your work. Don't let it get stale! Post something once a week at a minimum to show off your skills. Be the expert that people want to turn to with questions.
    Can you do some charity work with a local sewing group? Can you do some Quilts of Valor? Anything to give yourself the practice you need to grow your abilities.
    Think about making t-shirt quilts for others. You can get advertising in the local high school musical program or newsletter pretty cheap. Graduation tshirt quilts are incredibly popular and a great way to get started.
    Read through this board and you'll get more ideas but just remember there is no switch to flip to get things going. It is consistent, repetitive, boring, dedicated effort and that snowball will start to roll.
    It is good that you are reaching out and asking for help. We've all been there and this forum is a great place to get started.
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to chickenscratch in entering MQX   
    Okay Vickie. I did it.
    What's the worst that can happen- they'll say no way. 
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to ffq-lar in entering MQX   
    I'm glad you took the plunge, Teresa. I've been lucky to have a few customer quilts in a couple of shows, but never one that was exclusively mine.
    As for the elite groups of show quilters, they supplement their income by sending their quilts to the big shows. In order to supplement, you have to win. Those quilts may take a year or more of planning, piecing, quilting, and finishing. The different shows have different rules, but many times a quilt that takes the top prize in one show can't be entered in another under the same governing body. If it doesn't take the big prize it can be entered in another show by the same group. Quilts usually can't be more than two years old, so the life of a show quilt is similar to that of a beauty pageant contestant. The quilt is finished and a schedule of shows is planned. It's groomed and sent off to be in the custody of the show for several weeks before and during the show. Then it's sent back or sometimes if the time is short between shows, arrangements are made to have it delivered to the next show. It's a whirlwind of activity with the hopes that some prize money will be won. After making the rounds for two years, and never at the same show twice, it's retired. By that time the same quilter may have another quilt making the rounds. We all know how subjective judging can be and a quilt may be Grand Champion at one show and not place at the next. And even though the quilts are judged "blind" every judge recognizes the artist's style or has seen the quilts from a previous show or on-line.
    Another reason a show quilter works so hard and enters a gorgeous quilt is so their name is out there in the magazines and on-line. They teach at the shows, sell CDs, might have a line of rulers, pantos, or digitized designs available, and also quilt for customers. They need their name to be recognized to keep the work coming.
    But remember, it wouldn't be a quilt show without quilts. So the shows need lots of quilts to hang and the categories cover a wide range of specs that allow all of us to enter our work. 
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to dbams in Spare time?   
    I believe it was Phyllis Diller who years ago said, "Housework won't kill you, but why take the chance?" 
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to jimerickson in What grit and size of Emery Cord?   
    Since you mention cord, I'd remind you that you use it on on the needle plate, and the thread guides.  You'd use cloth on the hook.  Jim
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to jimerickson in What grit and size of Emery Cord?   
    Tami:  I think that any grit 120 or finer would be OK.  I use a hard Arkansas stone to polish mine, so don't usually use emery cloth.  If your assortment includes 340 grit, that's probably what I'd reach for if I were to use it.  Remember, unless you scratched your hook with a broken needle, or your machine was so out of time that the needle was hitting the hook, you don't need to polish it when you re-time.  Good luck.  Jim
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to The Quilted Petal in What grit and size of Emery Cord?   
    I believe in a video Amy said they used Mitchells 57 or 58 cord at the factory, but not positive. I think I saw it on the video that was titled "Tools for Retiming"  it's less than 5 min. long.  I recently looked for this at hardware store to have on hand  when going to look at a friend's machine.  Luckily, it did not to be retimed! Good luck!  I'm sure you will do fine.
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    Lemon Tree Tami got a reaction from The Quilted Petal in What grit and size of Emery Cord?   
    I'm about to embark on my first time at retiming my Freddie. After watching the video on what tools to have I can't figure out what grit and size of emery cord to order. I've found the Mitchells brand that was recommended but beyond that I'm not sure what to order. Can you tell us what the factory uses? Also what grit do you usually use for the emery cloth. I've just ordered a 3-grit sample from 3-M.
    Thank you!
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to QuiltyMama in Picking up my first longarm machine SATURDAY!! SO EXCITED!!!   
    It doesn't seem real, as I've been waiting for this for such a long time.  I had narrowed my search to two brands (APQS, and A-1 because they are local to me).  Did my homework; attended some shows, and have read everything I can.  Found a used A-1 that should suit me well.   It's got some bells and whistles, it's a dozen years old, it's in my price range and is upgradable.   I can't wait to get started.  I know it was the right decision because I have had absolutely ZERO buyers' remorse.  Someday I hope to own a Millie, but for now, I am just so very thankful.  I love this forum, and have learned so much from so many.  Ya'll are the best.
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to GMALKB in I'm so excited..............   
    My BLISS upgrade is going to be installed today !!!!    I also ordered the new interchangeable hopping foot / kit and overhead lighting.  Josh from APQS was great in answering all my questions in    e-mails and very prompt in getting back to me.   Mother Nature is cooperating with the weather, too.   COLD, but no bad roads between Carroll/Des Moines and Oskaloosa.   Can't wait until tomorrow when it is all done and I can have the whole day to play!
    Imagine there will be a little bit of a learning curve again getting used to the movement.   I have a practice sandwich loaded and ready to go.                    
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    Lemon Tree Tami got a reaction from IBQLTN2 in Grand Illusions Mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter   
    I too saved the clues from this year's Bonnie mystery but haven't had time to pull fabrics for it. I've been watching the FB feed to see the versions that I'm most in love with for colors.
    I like the teal blue that you've chosen. Pretty.
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to T Row Studio in Did You Know How To Quilt Before?   
    Well David I quilted twin and smaller on my domestic machine for a few years bought a wide throat domestic machine then when my husband was talking about buying another tractor I said if you buy another tractor I am buying another sewing machine.
    I now own a 2005 Millennium and I love it...I think he likes his Tractor  also
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to IBQLTN2 in Grand Illusions Mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter   
    I have been busy working on my mystery quilt this year.  I haven't been on the forum to see if anyone else has done the mystery from here,  but there sure have been a lot of people on the blog link ups and on the facebook quiltville blog that have posted lots of great pictures.
    I enlarged my quilt by one row in length and width and added the small hst bonus squares as an inner border.
    the quilt measures 104 x 104 instead of the 88 x 88 that was Bonnies only size this time. Last year she gave directions for two sizes.  I like to have an extra hang on a queen sized bed so I opted to make it a little larger. 
    I only have a 10 foot frame on my Lenni, So I am really pushing the limits on quilting this large of a quilt.  It is now ready to quilt.  I am planning on using design board from R&S called bountiful feathers.  I hope it will give the quilt a good look.  So who else here has been working on the mystery? 

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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to The Quilted Petal in New found FREEDOM in my new APQS Freddie in MS!!!   
    After many long months of researching, I am the proud owner of an APQS Freedom (Freddie).  I have a home quilting business located in Petal, MS  (The Quilted Petal) and would welcome anyone considering a long arm to come "test drive" my Freddie.  Many thanks to Sylvia Blissett from Hattiesburg for introducing me to the APQS family and reps in other states who answered questions for me in my quest! After converting our master bedroom into a Quilting Studio,  I assembled my 12" frame & machine by myself except for help in holding legs & lifting machine and it has been smooth sailing since the first quilt top. (Who needs that much room just to sleep???)  Seriously, I look forward to becoming active on this forum and getting to know fellow APQS owners and sharing the love of quilting!  I have a FB page called The Quilted Petal if anyone is interested in seeing some of my work. I specialize in  tshirt/jersey quilts and memory quilts but will add a few beginner classes this year. I might add  my name is Betty Reid!
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to DoryJM in I LOVE APQS!!!   
    So you've all been hearing me whine about my issues...latest one is that even after changing the motor brushes and tightening the handlebars, I was still having the machine "bang" and drop the needle into the fabric when I wasn't stitching.  Really odd!!
    I called Amy and was on pins and needles awaiting a call back.  After 3 yesterday, I realized that I'd be waiting until today--it was 5 in Iowa.  Imagine my surprise when I got a call at 7 last night and the Caller ID said "APQS"???  Dawn was on the phone with information for me.  What??  Employees in different departments that actually talk to each other????
    Nine o'clock and Dawn is still there calling customers back.  What's not to love about APQS...I sure can't think of anything!! 
    Thank you Dawn and Amy!!!!!!!
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to mlsa3 in My Journey Into Quilting   
    You ladies talking about your 7 and 9 year old granddaughters sewing their very first pillow case is really embarrassing me. 
    When I decided I wanted to learn to sew and quilt, I bought a used Brother machine...(wife was stingy and wouldn't let me use hers...actually she was using it at the time and I'm pretty impatient)...of course the machine didn't work right so I had to put it in the shop but it worked great after that.
    My wife says I should start with making a pillow case since it would be simple and can get used to sewing a straight seam.  Bought fabric...planned it out....started sewing.  Seams straight...yea....even put a fancy stitch that was on the machine....was really proud. 
    (Now remember I'm not a 7 year old girl...I'm in my mid 50's)  So I took the finished pillow case to my wife for her approval (she's a perfectionist).  She looked at it...turned it over and made a comment about the straight seams...commented on the fancy stitches...then says, "Don't you think you should have left one end open so that you can slide the pillow inside?"  I always hated smart alec's. 
    That was the start of my friendship with my seam ripper.  It has become my best friend and we get together often.
    So I'm especially proud of your granddaughters sewing their first pillow case.
    We made the mistake of going to the Houston International Quilt Festival that year.  We only live 30 minutes from there.  Wrong thing to do....I said, "I want to do that."  It has cost us several thousand dollars over the years.
    First upgraded to a Bernina Activa 140....kept it a year and decided I wanted a Bernina 153 Quilters edition...knowing that would automatically make my quilts look better.  Gave the wife the Activa....which she a few years later traded in for a Bernina 153 Quilters edition...she don't even quilt...she's a knitter.  Then there's the fabric....thread....batting....designs...this year a Block Rockit mid arm machine and Grace frame.  (If she even knew I was on this APQS site and was drooling all over myself looking at the Milly she would kill me....so please don't tell her.
    But....for Christmas I finished quilting her memory quilt that I had made the top 10 years ago so she was happy.  She had certain quilt designs she wanted on it and I wasn't about to try to do them pushing a queen size quilt through my Bernina so I used that excuse to help get my Block Rockit.
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    Lemon Tree Tami got a reaction from chickenscratch in Feedback please   
    It's very colorful and easy to read Teresa. The only thing I'd add is perhaps a picture of you next to your machine ... of course that's only if you want that out there. But it's always nice to see the smiling face to go along with the stories. I loved the post about your granddaughters. 
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to Bliss Quilter in Happy New Year.   
    Zeke, I was snoozing at 11 last night.
    My 2015 Wish is for all to have a Blessed Year, No Mechanical issues and to have only the best and gracious customers out there. 
    My 2015 Resolution is Each Month - Finish (1) Personal Quilt and (1) QOV;  Blog atleast 2x a month and loss 40lbs (darnit Dr. Orders). However, I am on my way, lost 4 lbs over the holidays.  Now just to get on the treadmill before taking Miss Millie for a drive. 
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to zeke in Happy New Year.   
    Well kids it's another new Year. Make it happy and turn a new leaf. Zeke.
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to mlsa3 in A Newbie-Just Wanted to Say Thanks   
    Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen
    I just wanted to introduce myself and say thank you to all of you wonderful quilters. 
    My name is David Hatten and I live in Pasadena, Texas.  I've been quilting about 10 years or so.  I don't own an APQS or even a long arm but I do own a 15" Block Rockit midarm machine.  I know this is an APQS forum but I just wanted to say Thank You to all of you ladies and guys for the inspiration that I've gotten from reading your posts and looking at your beautiful quilts you've quilted over the past several months.
    What you do to quilts is simply amazing.  I could sit for hours and look at your quilting. I've made about 15 quilts over the years  and just retired last year...after having a heart attack this past February I decided I had to give up some of my other hobbies (too much stress on heart) so I would concentrate on my quilting.   I just finished my first quilt using groovy boards and rulers.  Until that time I mostly did stippling and meandering.  Seeing your quilts gave me inspiration for wanting to try different techniques and see if I could improve.
    I learned a lot on this quilt and the first thing I learned was that it's not as easy as you tube videos make it out to be.  LOL.  I know....PRACTICE...PRACTICE.
    Anyway THANK ALL OF YOU.  Keep up the beautiful work....remember us beginners.
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to ffq-lar in Excited   
    What great news! That gorgeous quilt is so colorful and eye-catching---just what's needed for set decoration. I can imagine people in the audience searching the playbill for the source---and there you'll be!  It's as if you're a member of the cast!
    It'll also generate some interest because what percentage of the population knows there are "quilters for hire"? Expect some calls asking "Could you make one for me? It's perfect for my house".
    Will you attend the play? I probably couldn't resist.
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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to jmcclannan in Excited   
    I was just notified that a local community theater is doing and original play entitled THE OTHER SEWING CIRCLE and they have chosen one of my quilts to be part of the play.  It was paper pieced and free-motion quilted.  There will also be an ad in the program with my business card so maybe I'll get some business out of it all. I am just a little excited!!!

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    Lemon Tree Tami reacted to lisae in Chubby Chicks   
    I finally finished Chubby Chicks for my granddaughter, Halleigh. The binding still needs to be stitched to the back, but otherwise it is done. It is a bright, fun quilt! I used So Fine top thread and Magna Glide Delights bobbins.

    Chubby Chicks Full by Lisa Eichelberger, on Flickr

    Chubby Chicks Detail by Lisa Eichelberger, on Flickr

    Chubby Chicks Back by Lisa Eichelberger, on Flickr
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