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  1. Perfection for your wonderful daughter - she will snuggle with her mother's love............... what better way when starting a new chapter!
  2. Different machines handle differently and as LA'ers, we each handle our machines differently. Common among us is the goal for wonderful feathers and curves. I found with my Millie (with ER wheels) I could just not do what I wanted and so bought a different machine that was easier for me to handle. This was a tough choice since I truly believe in the APQS company. Anyway, now that I have tried the Bliss (and ordered), I know the handling of the Millie will be so much easier and smoother. I have not sold my Millie, so my Millie will be upgraded and I am so happy to know that both my machines will do what I want them to do. Still more PPP'ing but at least my PPP'ing will be more efficient and productive!!! During the test drive of the Bliss, it truly made a huge difference for me. As an added note, I will still continue to mark and use templates - the only way for me to get my best quilting, but with the ease of the Bliss, both of these processes will be much easier and better........
  3. thanks again Dawn. For all of you who need pictures - Dawn has done a great job - unfortunately, the pictures are wonderful, but don't tell the real story. The lower carriage runs on a rounded bar - not a rail like we are used to. The system also incorporates a ball-bearing setup instead of wheels on the lower rail. If you can envision how smoothly a marble rolls around under the palm of your hand in any direction, then you might get a sense how this new system moves. The ball bearings are like marbles on glass that just roll in any direction (!!!!!) without any holdup or drag. It is truly innovative and wonderful. For all of those in doubt, please be patient and listen as those who try it out share their opinions. I am sure that the addition of the quilt glide will make it even better - I don't have that and won't be getting it - at least not now. Just the addition of the Bliss is so exciting to me!!!!
  4. Maybe they could take pictures from the side at eye level of the the table rails - the rails on the table are rounded!!! and don't work with wheels as we know them today. The table rails are so different than before. This may not provided answers that owners are looking for but might show how new and innovative this new rail system is - When I first saw the system, that is what first struck me and then when I tried it - couldn't believe it!!! This big thing is the engineering of the system - totally new and it works................
  5. I am lucky - I have 2 machines and think both are great ......... the Millie and the 26" Innova. Both companies offer outstanding service. Personally, I find the Innova easier to handle than the Millie (I do have the ER wheels on my Millie). No matter which way you go, I would try to test personal machines and not just those in shows. Personal machines are generally set up better than those in shows and will really give you an idea as to what feels best for you and what the stitch quality is. When I purchased my Millie, I spent time (paid for) with 2 different women - one had the Millie and the other the Gammill. I was able to handle the Gammill a bit better at that time, but I much preferred the stitch quality and ease of maintenance of the Millie - therefore, I purchased the Millie. I was also swayed by the openness of this forum. When I purchased my Innova - it came about because I tried a friend's Innova and was wowed. Each machine will have pros and cons according to what you are looking for. Make a very careful list of your needs and wants and then go from there. It is a big investment. Long story short - try everything you can & look very carefully at the after-sales service (company and rep/dealer). These machines are workhorses, but things do happen and you want to know that someone will always be there to get you up and running again - it is not like the normal item where you just call the service man out to your house. You will work on your machine at some point and it is worth everything to have someone guide you through and hold your hand over the phone. I have found both APQS & ABM International (Innova) provide this type of service. I can only vouch for these 2 companies - have not dealt with other companies but there are other excellent machines on the market. Good luck!!!!!
  6. been there - done that ............
  7. Carson - interesting tip on the binding - thanks for sharing!! Occasionally my quilts are a tad wavy after adding the binding - have to block. Will try your idea.
  8. I too was having this problem a while back. Called APQS and talked to Dawn - this is what she told me and it helped - have not had a problem since. I have a Millie. Don't know if this will help you, but it is another thought. Good luck. the following is a post from a couple of weeks ago: Dawn Saves the Day Just want to say 'Thank You' to our own wonderful Dawn C. Had been having thread problems - a few stitches flat on the back or sometimes a few loops on the top. Very sporadic! In the end was not a tension problem and I really did not think it was. Gave me 2 hints that worked wonders: 1. a piece of batting in the first guide above the cone of thread to create a bit of drag on the thread - the batting lays on top of the thread - the thread does not travel through the batting. 2. Instead of wrapping the thread around the 3 holes in the 2nd holey guide, she had me go up in the first hole, down in the second and up again in the 3rd hole - no wrapping where you would be coming up into each hole. The combination of these two hints has allowed the thread to travel much smoother and no longer getting the occasional crazy stitches. Has happened with more than one thread, but mostly King Tut (cotton). What a "Wiz Kid" she is!! Just wanted to pass this along to those that haven't heard these hints before - lots of us newbies. I am very grateful to Dawn!
  9. It came to the top again - & I still love it - what a great quilt!!!
  10. It is beautiful - when I first saw it, I thought of Portland, OR......"City of Roses" I love how you have quilted it.
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