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  1. My Millie/IQ has been sold and is on its way to Florida. Please welcome the new owner, Sid. He and his wife are new to the longarm adventure and I am sure you will all help with any questions they might have. After many conversations, it is very obvious that Sid and his wife are truly looking forward to their new past time. It was sad to see my Millie go but I am very happy she is going to a wonderful new home.
  2. Thanks - not quitting. Some unexpected major life changes and have to sell the machine in WA. Will keep my machine in CA. It is the ever changing evolution of life and we just have to roll with the punches. Again - thanks for your nice comments. Meg
  3. Shawna I have a large supply of items. Please call. Meg 425-985-4088
  4. Must sell: 2008 Millennium / 2009 IQ (full version) - $18,500.00 / sold & going to Florida Just serviced last week. 10 ft table Bliss Hydraulic Lift Fabric Advance Thread cutter is included but was detached when IQ installed Bobbin Winder Lots of extras: misc. thread, pattern grid, towa gauge, micro-handles, 2 sets of zippers, lots and lots of needles, bobbins, box of parts (hook assembly, finger hook, 2 check springs) Manual & CD Also have a box of goodies valued at about $1800 new: rulers, stencils, threads, pre-wound bobbins, etc. Will sell for $900 or reasonable
  5. ******* This sounds crazy but I put painters tape along the edge where I cut for squaring up and cut down the middle of the painters tape - take a little time but saves the clean-up time - most of the fuzz/lint will adhere to the tape. I use the wide tape when I do this.
  6. My deepest sympathy and many prayers to you and your family.
  7. That was my first thought - some people have become very good at scamming others and getting things for nothing or close to nothing - she was probably hoping that you would return some or all of the monies paid so she could be happy with her "great deal". It is no different than those who have learned to play the unemployment scam - work just long enough to go on unemployment, enjoy the benefits until they run out and repeat the process. She has also probably learned that once she mentions the word "lawyer" - many will cower and do whatever she wants. You were very wise to only offer to red
  8. Liam - have seen the Teddy's before and they are so cute - should be a fabulous mix personality wise!!
  9. LIam - is your little one a Yorkie mix?? totally cute!! Love all these little fur balls - total pain at time but couldn't be without!!!!!!!!
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