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    mswings got a reaction from quiltmonkey in Stitch Regulator   
    Thanks Shana, I tried thoses things with no success. I called Angie and she is sending me some circut boards.
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    mswings got a reaction from quiltmonkey in Stitch Regulator   
    Thanks Shana, I tried those things with no success. I worked today and will call tomorrow. My thread cutter is also on the fritz. Probably a circut board even though I changed them both out last year.
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    mswings got a reaction from quilterkp in Millie has a mind of her own   
    Thanks for the advice. I did talk to Angie today and we think we fixed it. The table needed adjusting. 
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    mswings got a reaction from gkazee in Millie has a mind of her own   
    Thanks for the advice. I did talk to Angie today and we think we fixed it. The table needed adjusting. 
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    mswings got a reaction from dbams in Millie has a mind of her own   
    Thanks for the advice. I did talk to Angie today and we think we fixed it. The table needed adjusting. 
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    mswings got a reaction from patty123 in AD- New Concept in Longarm Quilting Rulers   
    I love love love these rulers. I have them in two sizes. Can't recommend them enough.
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    mswings reacted to Mary Beth in News about Rita   
    Oh no. This make me so sad. Rita loved this forum and helping everyone. She always had something to add and was always helpful. I am so sorry that she went through so much illness and know that she is in a better place. I am happy I was able to participate in the quilt project. I pray for Roland, aka Himself. Thank you for letting us know. I have been wondering about her.
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    mswings got a reaction from quilterkp in Deciding on a Longarm   
    I have had my Millie since 2008 and have only had a few issues that were resolved within a few days. I needed new circuit boards that were easy to replace. It was a problem with a new generation machine I think. You can not go wrong with an APQS machine. They are well made and have a life time warranty. The service is top notch. All of the people on the forum are so very helpful. I have had some small problems that I asked for help here and had the problem solved with all the expertise I could ask for. Go test drive an APQS machine. You'll be hooked! Best of luck!
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    mswings got a reaction from Quilting Heidi in Millie has a bump in her get along!   
    It was a flat spot in the wheel. We turned it over and it got better. Need to replace all of them. 
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    mswings got a reaction from Quilting Heidi in NQR Prayer warriors needed   
    I haven't been on the forum in a long time. I am so glad Landon has had his surgery and is doing well. Praise God. Will pray to ask for rapid healing. 
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    mswings got a reaction from T Row Studio in filling wide open spaces   
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    mswings reacted to dlnewell in Long Arm reviews   
    I would not be without motorized advance! I quilt a ton,,,well, let's just say lots of large quilts and mostly custom quilting.  If I had to manually lock and unlock wheels and levers to advance or back up a quilt on the frame it would be a real pain.  I've thought the hydraulic lift would be a nice feature but for me the motorized advance is worth it's weight in gold.  I have an APQS Millennium.  The only other model I would consider would be the innova because it seems their field of vision, being able to see greater quilting area behind the hopping foot, is greater than on the millie.  I have to agree with JMErickson's comments about the horizontal wheels.  I've worn out several bearings.  My husband says that the weight of the machine is born mainly along the wheels that run the length of the table and those bearings should be in a vertical position to bear the weight without wearing out instead of horizontal. If you might eventually quilt for the public, I would invest some money and rent some time on different machines to find out which fits you best.  There will be a learning curve to longarm quilting.  It is true that when quilting you tend to work directly in front of you, but there are times when stitching out big circles that I need the whole 24 inches of the larger head and do some quilting further away from my body, otherwise I would be having to advance and back up the quilt more frequently on the frame.    I also have the 14 foot frame and have filled it completely with some large quilts.  Good luck with your search.
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    mswings reacted to Helen Baczynski in Long Arm reviews   
    It's hard to give advice about one machine or another because everyone has their own preferences. What I like, may not suit someone else. I'm just glad I'm not buying now because there are so many to choose from.
    When I got my Gammill Premier back in 1997, there were no stitch regulators and no-one even had extended bases or small guides. I chose my Gammill for the size, the price, and the style of the table. That last one was very important at that time because I wanted to use Gammill's long guide for custom work and their table was the only one where I could rearrange the bars so I wasn't stitching down in a valley. I had never used a one of these machines and only seen one up close before I bought mine. I thought, how hard can it be, it's only a sewing machine on wheels. It was drop shipped because there was no dealer near by. My husband and a friend put it together and I started to sew. There were no classes and no videos by teachers at that time either. We all taught ourselves.
    I have never had a problem I couldn't fix and have never once thought I needed to send it away for service. The first time I had to time it, I was nervous and watched a video for help several times before starting but now I can do it much more easily. (I know some people who have never needed to time their machines.) Yes, the screws are a bit awkward to get to and if bending is difficult for you or you have very poor eyesight, that's an important consideration. Like I said, though, it was a very basic machine so no electronics, display screens or computer parts to go wrong. It's a different story these days.
    Since then I have added an after market stitch regulator and then the IntelliQuilter computer. The computer cost twice what the original machine cost! I am still happy with my smaller stitching space but that's because I work at the front doing mostly custom work.
    You've been looking for several years, so you should know what you want your machine to do but if not, first make a list of all the must have capabilities of the machine and include on that list any size limitations you might have. Don't forget to consider the table and wheel system - those are both important features. If, for example, an hydraulic lift is really important that will immediately narrow your search. Don't worry about the computer yet, but just know that IntelliQuilter can go on whatever machine you get
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    mswings reacted to Mary Beth in Anyone Have Some Extra Valium   
    The few times I have entered will have high yields. I am sure Dawn has my number on speed dial....after all....I am the self appointed president of the Dawn Cavanaugh fan club.
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    mswings reacted to mlsa3 in Anyone Have Some Extra Valium   
    Tomorrow is the big day.  I just registered for the last time.  I sure hope Dawn calls before I go to bed....Yes Dawn, I go to bed early but my wife has explicit orders to wake me up so just go ahead and do your thing.
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    mswings reacted to HeidiP in Accuquilt   
    I have the Studio and love it. Bought it at 50% off, plus an additional 10%. Dies go on sale regularly, so that's when I buy. I love the speed and accuracy. Grandkids enjoy cutting blocks for their quilts and I like that their fingers are safely away from a blade. Cutting binding takes no time with the 2.5" strip set. You can turn the strips to cut them into 2.5" squares. The curved dies, like Drunkards Path, save so much time. I got my studio cutter before the sides hinged up for storage. The current design is preferable.
    Lately we've been making Quilt of Valor kits for our group. Starting with accurately cut blocks is so nice!
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    mswings got a reaction from Quilting Heidi in Quiltazoid for sale - custom color! $400 + shipping   
    If I didn't already have one, I'd buy it in a second. Love my quiltazoid. 
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    mswings got a reaction from RitaR in Deep Appreciation.   
    So sorry to hear about your pain Rita. Maybe you could get another opinion. Have you talked to an anesthesiologist at a pain clinic? Sometimes when surgery is not an option, a pain clinic might be. I hope that someone can help figure this out. God bless.
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    mswings reacted to Sheri Butler in Ripping out almost entire lap quilt   
    And, yes, this forum has ALWAYS been the best resource for us!
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    mswings reacted to Bonnie in Ok in Ripping out almost entire lap quilt   
    I also use one of those small hair trimmers to skin the quilt.
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    mswings reacted to Sandra Darlington in Ripping out almost entire lap quilt   
    Bonnie has been a wealth of information over the years!  
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    mswings reacted to mamu in Ripping out almost entire lap quilt   
    I think we have all had to do that on a quilt at one time, not fun at all.  
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    mswings reacted to Zora in Older Millie's vs Newer Millie's   
    I personally like the mushroom handles. I do, however, love the LED lights, which my 2009 Millenium has. These machines are workhorses, and I would not discount a 10 year old machine. It makes a difference if the machine was used in business or just for personal use, and if you plan to use it for business or personal use. Thread break sensor and low bobbin indicator are not important to me personally either. Quilt Glide, however, is very important to me.
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    mswings reacted to lmeimann in Help my Milly is running on its own   
    Mine did that early one morning.  Started running like crazy.  Smell like toy train transformer afterwards.  I used it a bit and called APQS when they opened.  It was one of the circuit boards.  The repair was free--they sent me a new board as they had some defective ones when Gracie was manufactured.  She is a 2008, so maybe that could be your trouble?  I live close enough, 1.5 hr. drive that I was able to drive to Carroll to get the new board after working that day.  They even had someone wait for me--after hours.  Amazing service, especially since I am a second owner of the machine.  Hopefully your fix will be easy, too.  I replaced the board myself, following their directions and was very impressed with myself that I could do it all by myself.  Usually have my husband do those sort of things but he was busy farming. 
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    mswings reacted to T Row Studio in This about sums it up   
    This about sums up my life how about You
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