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  1. Marybeth I love the colors, the pattern, and the quilting . That is one lucky little Baby. Well done
  2. Start and organize it Mary Beth start another post and see what Happens
  3. Can we do tthe sizewe did for Rita's- 10"? Lets ask Betsy how she liked working with this size a block.
  4. I love my Apqs I bought used so it was well trained to create amazing stitches I have had it for 5 years and have never looke back I am a free hand girl and love my machine. You are right to try- try- try- then buy the amazing machine that will work for you.
  5. Thank-you Everybody I am SEW happy to see this project is completed and going to Rita. It is amazing how so many people can come together in a very short time frame and create a quilt that is truly made from Love . A special thanks to Connie who got this ball rolling and Betsy for orchestrating this amazing quilt for Rita and all the APQS family members who joined and made blocks for this Angel quilt . Thank-you Again
  6. Diane the overall appeal of this quilt is outstanding Congratulation. You are an inspiration to us all.
  7. Thanks Diane I know you will do a wonderful job quilting this one. I look forward to seeing your done.
  8. Good for you Enjoy when you get it all set up and send pictures Linda
  9. If I remember correctly 370 finished houses with 18 pieces in each house and every house has something in the window which measures approx. 3/4"
  10. Betsy you are doing a great job I look forward to seeing the top. We put the right person in charge. Thank-you for taking on this amazing project
  11. Steak Dinner Cagey I love steak we raised beef cattle for over 35 years. I Thank-you everybody for the well wishes but honestly I am just excited to fly to Toronot 3 1/2hours from where I live and see them in the show.
  12. I really never thought I was there. we are our own worse critics Kathy I was told I had to enter and thought I would humour the lady that told me that nand I was so shocked when I received the e-mail....So never say never you may surprise yourself I know I am surprised ...and If you go to the show we should connect I am going and have signed up for some classes also. I would love to meet you.
  13. Thank-you Libby I will look forward to seeing the Reaction it causes
  14. I have two quilts accepted into The Canadian Quilters Association National Juried Show June 14-17 in Toronto and my house quilt in the rosette categoy...... I am just SEW Excited first time entering
  15. Yes my 2005 Millie will be buried with me I think I love my machine not sure why I would need anything else I hope your pain subsides Mary Beth Pain is awful.
  16. Yes Bonnie I had this happen last Nov. I was talking with Amy she had me blow out a sensor at the back of the machine and I was also having racing of my stiych regulator and then it would lag and cause long stitches so we ended up changing a cable going to the back of the machine call service they will be able to help you
  17. These are amazing and look at the variety there is. well Done everybody
  18. Betsy I sent my blocks, sashing, Binding and I threw some cornerstones in also