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Zipper video help


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Maree, have seen a Sharon Schamber video on attaching extra leaders - though she wasn't attaching zippers.

I went to the local Spotlight and bought about 12metres of heavy duty zipper length and now have four sets. Two are the full length of my leaders and two are smaller.

I decided to make my own after placing an order in the US and discovering I'd have to wait 5 weeks to get them. I was just too impatient! Added bonus, saved a fortune.

Happy quilting, Judy

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I've only discovered utube recently and I have to agree.

There was a good video from an Australian quilter (can't remember her name) where she placed a small cone for icing cakes over her laser so that the light came out a smaller diameter, making following a pattern more accurate!

Haven't tried it yet.


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Hi ladies

That Aussie quilter was Hermoine Agee of Lorien Quilting www.lorienquilting.com.

I like the size of the dot of light that comes through the end of the cap on the laser but if you lose that end cap, you can get a new one from any hardware store that stocks stool leg covers and prick a hole in that. If you ever remove the rubber cap that comes with the laser light you'll find it shines a dash rather than a dot and thats not easy to follow. You can also glue the cap on so you don't lose it, no harm done because you will never need to remove it.

I use and supply Sue Schmieden's zipper sets and I'll be bringing home some sets when I come back from Houston next month. I've been using the same set for about two years now and "haven't had time" to sew any canvas leaders to the quilt sets yet, I've just been pinning the backing directly onto the zipper without any damage to the zipper at all. I know this isn't the recommended way but the quality of the zipper fabric is very good.

If I was going to make leaders for the zippers I would purchase fabric that did not stretch and cut a piece an inch longer than the zipper and about 6 inches wide. I'd fold the short edges over to make a hem on each end, then fold the long length in half and press the fold. Then stitch one inch in from the fold line down the 12ft length. I'd trim and overlock the other side and sew it to one zipper.

sue in australia

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Thanks Sue and everyone who replied. I have just bought some 35mm grosgrain ribbon fairly cheap on ebay. I am going to attach that to the zip then pin through the ribbon onto the quilt. Grosgrain won't stretch and will easily be replaced. (I hope).

I am very new at this. Sue's idea is similiar to the one I can't find again on video. That was a wide piece of fabric with the zip attached into the seam. Turned through and then you pin onto the folded edge.

I am nearly ready for my first quilt.

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