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What accessories to get?

Guest hibagredly

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Guest hibagredly

I'm researching the accessories for the Millennium and i have a few questions:

What is the flywheel cover? do i need it?

Guides: I like the Scallop guide I suppose it's for making clam shells right? I don't know what the french curve guide is for, is it to make ropes? Are the Paiseys for making feathers? The wave guide looks nice, but is it really helpful?

I'll be getting a small straight ruler 'cause i think it'll be helpful And the base expander too.

What about the Micro drive. I like the idea of it. Is it useful?

I heard about the foot guide, something that slips over the hopping foot to help guide it for stitching in the ditch. Is that available?

The Hartley fence seems useful but i think i'll wait on that. Too many things to master!

Thank you for your help.:D


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Guest hibagredly

I'm so sorry, I should get off the computer!

What about needles?

18 Gauge or 21 Gauge, I plan on using Sew fine, Bottom line, Kingsmen & others.

Do I need other sizes too?

Thanks & I promise I'll give it a rest for today!


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Hi Heba... I use prewound bobbins, I have bought them from APQS. I have found them much easier then wounding my own bobbins.

The prewound are on plastic spools.

As far as the Hartley Fence, I have one and have tried to use it once. I am ordering a book from Myrna, (she is also on line and has a great website.)

I asked her about zippers also, check out her website and see what she has.

Barb Wetzel

Ivy Corner Quilting

Altoona, Iowa

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I would recommend the following for starting out:

Flat flower head pins (lots of them)

A stitch in the ditch ruler (Dainty Ditcher by Sherry Rogers-Harrison is a good one) and some sort of expanded base for ruler work (I have the Ruler Mate from Donita Reeve and love it)

Canned air to help remove lint

Scissors or thread nips

Extra bobbins (I bought the metal ones from APQS and wind my own)

Extra bobbin case(s)

Dual spool holder

Clamp on light for side lighting

Basic thread colors (I love Superior's Sew Fine)

Needles (I use only one size, 4.0MR)

A little tool kit with screwdrivers, allen wrenches, oil, rubbing alcohol, WD-40, rags, etc. to keep your machine clean and running smoothly.

Some interesting but easy pantographs

Books and DVDs

The new wheels and soft mount axles- they are awesome!!! (Your machine may have come with these. I just put mine on, and I can't believe the difference.)

The Micro-Drive is nice for delicate/intricate and outlining work, and also when using rulers and templates. I learned from a post by Darlene Epp that it is much easier to use the Micro-Drive while seated.

The Hartley Fence is a nice accessory, and now there is a workbook available for it. (Thank you Myrna Ficken!) I have used mine for making circles on quilts and am looking forward to learning more applications.

Make sure you like ruler work before investing in a pile of them. It is tempting to buy them all, but they take patience and practice to use. I admit I have a few that I haven't tried yet! Add to your collection gradually.

Hope this helps. I have been longarming for just over a year and am learning something new with every quilt. I plan on attending MQX this spring and taking two classes each day, including an APQS maintenance class from Mark.

Happy Quilting!

Cathy in NC

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I love it! Have you slept in the last few day. Great Question.

list is great.

I use corsage pins.

Prewound bobbins are the best find. Either form APQS or Superior. I only like the paper sided ones.

I use the Hartley expanded base and Guide.

My fav ditch work ruler is the Little girl for Gadget Girls.

Canned air or a small air compressor is a must ( to me to keep lint out) you can get one fairly inexpensive.

I use both the dual cone . I change thread a lot and work from the front. I don't have to keep walking around

Dual spool holder for decorative threads.

other templates. as Cathy said you can add them as you go. I do recommend a heart shape, star, I use the wave often and a couple of the gadget girls swirls

Dito on the Micro-drive I have been using it all day for going around the edge of appliqu?. Do use while seated and in manual mode at a slow speed.

Then Hartley fence is one of my most use tools. I hope those that have it and don't use it will get out start using it more.

I use a 3.5 needle mostly.

Books are always a good investment . Darlen Epp's pocket Guides are great books to start off with. Classes are also so important along with practicing on paper. Start that now.

There are many great designers out there with beautiful panto.

When cleaning your rails do not use wax. Just wipe them down with a soft cloth and once in awhile use alcohol on them.

When your machine arrives you will have everything you need to get started practicing right away except batting, fabric & pins


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Guest hibagredly

Hello Everyone & Happy New Year! Thank you all for your help. ;)

I've been away for a week so no computer, just reading L. Taylor's & C. Thelen's books. More like studying them! So many questions about leaders, gadgets & t-shirt quilts which i'll be posting in appropriate lists.

I have a few more questions about Machine accessories;). Now remember. I've never seen a long arm & haven't gotten mine yet.

1- What is the Fly wheel cover? does it come standard in newer machines?

2- I've been looking at the spool/ cone holders. I guess the machine already comes with one. what do you think of getting another vertical one for the front of the machine. does that sound practical?

3- What about the horizontal spool holder. Do i need one. I doubt that i'll be using other than the large stand up cones of thread.

Thank you.


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Hi Heba,

The fly wheel cover is a Hartley product that fits nicely over your fly wheel to prevent thread from getting wrapped up inside the moving parts. I personally love mine, it is not standard. It is an accessory for $14.95 plus shipping~


Regarding the vertical thread holder, again, I use mine all the time, but it just depends on if you think you are going to be doing allot of thread changes. The nice thing about it is that you don?t have to walk back & forth around your machine to change the threads, it?s just right there at your finger tips.

The horizontal thread holder again is nice, but do you foresee using the smaller spools of thread in the future?

I hope this helps, let me know if you have questions!

Gone Quilting~


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When I bought my Mille I was on a very short budget. I too wasn't very educated about these machines so was kind of jumping in blindly. My husband told me to go ahead and get the best machine I could so that's how I ended up with my Mille. I only bought the base expander, not knowing what exactly I might need in the future. I would definately advise buying that. I bought that knowing that I wanted to do SID because no one in our area liked to do it. I've made due without all the extras just fine. I would love to have the micro drive, but I don't see spending that amount of money for some small handles. At AQS last year I got a little heart shaped dodad that basically the same thing--for only $15.00. I think it came from Robs Rulers. My point being, if you don't have the things and you don't know any better you won't miss it. Heck, I've even used a butter dish lid to help me get better arcs around things!! When you don't have alot of money you learn to make do!! I'm hoping to buy a Hartley Fence and workbook this year with income tax return, but that will be my big purchase of the year. Goodluck with your decisions!!


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I've spent a fortune on a lot of stuff I hardly ever use - the Hartley fence being one. I like having the same thread in my bobbin as I'm using on the top - so I'd get lots of empty metal bobbins - they are cheap. Even though fillling bobbins is a drag - I like the look. The bottom line for me is play, play - practice, practice - and don't stop. I don't do this professionally and I can tell a big difference in my work when I haven't quilted in a while. But, by far, the best thing I've done was go to classes at the Houston Quilt Festival. No tools made as much sense as watching Linda Taylor and another teacher by the last name of Clarke (I'm sorry - I'm over 50 and can't remember her first name) approach continuous line quilting. Seeing these two ladies approach was like having a light bulb turned on. I've spent 3 years looking at my Millie and being afraid of messing up my precious tops. Now, I slap those suckers on and away I go - FREEHAND!! Don't get me wrong. I'm not the best - but I'm not the worse. So, don't get hung up on little toys. If I had it all to do over, I'd have spent money on a video library from pratical, positive minded teachers like Taylor and Clarke. Oh, and my new best friend is my 11"x14" Strathmore Drawing pad I got in Linda Taylor's class. I check out elementary drawing books from the library and practice free handing the little characters and designs in these books aimed at teaching children to draw. And, I can also practice drawing heart up-side down and sideways. And all those doodles are saved for future reference.

Good Luck - Di

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Guest hibagredly

Hello everyone & thank you very much for your advice.

I've ordered my machine & a few accessories. It should be shipped soon. I'm so excited! :D I've got to get the place ready. My children are wondering why their mum is watching quilting shows all day on T.V! I tried to prepare them but I think we are all in for a shock. As I have an open house plan the machine will be right in the middle of the house.

Anyway I was planning to start a quilting business form home but getting the zonning & permits here is a little complicated (I don't know if it's the same elsewhere) so I decided to wait till I get the machine & see how i do with it. Silly me, I though that I would quilt a few quilt tops & i'll be in business.:o


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This isn't really a reply but another question. I am waiting for my Lenin to be delivered. I purchased the table extender for ruler work but wonder if I should also purchase the 1/4 in ruler foot. Does the foot that comes with the machine work well with rulers. The foot is kind of pricey. I through off the tension on my last machine cause I hit a ruler. Any help is appreciated.

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