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Holidays are coming - Pineapple anyone?


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This receipe is one that a girl friends MIL made for a potluck lunch we had. Everyone raved over it and I've made it many times. When I gave the receipe to my SIL, it has now become their family favorite for Thanksgiving & Christmas dinners and she makes 2 double batches for her family. It goes great with Turkey and especially a ham dinner. Before you discount this cause you've never thought of baking pineapple, try it just once. :cool:

Bakes Pineapple

Makes 8 x 8 pan for 6

2 - 20 ox cans of chunk pineapple drained

1/2 C flour

1/2 C sugar

2 C grated cheddar cheese

2 C crushed Ritz crackers

1 cube melted butter or margerine.

Place drained pineapple chunks in baking dish. Mix flour, sugar & cheese, sprinkle over pineapple. Mix crushed crackers & melted margarine and sprinkle over all. Bake at 350 for 30 to 30 minutes until bubbly.

Serve hot

Easy Peasy

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OK - a cube is 1/2 cup of butter!!! As far as trying to knock some of the calories out, I think you could use Splenda for the sugar and a type of margarine that actually melts (the ones I'm familure with don't melt very well. If there is such a thing as reduced fat Ritz crackers, that may help too. I'll let you dieters figure it out and report back. Would love some feed back from any of you who try this. As I said, it is now a favorite in several branches of the family tree. :cool:

Bonnie - my favorite is Hawaiian Pizza also. So when we get together sometime in the future, we will have to share a Pizza!! ;)

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