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Open House bei Claudia


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Das Open House Programm im APQS Showroom in Krefeld ist auf der Website http://www.quilt-und-co.de/ProOpHo.pdf

Vom 14. Januar bis 24. Januar 2009 treffen sich alle europäischen Longarmer in Krefeld:D Dawn Cavanaugh, Marc Caraher ,Loes und Theo von der Heijden und Claudia Pfeil bieten Kurse an - es werden spannende, kreative, auf- und anregende Tage im APQS Showroom!:cool:

Ich freue mich schon sehr!:D

Eure Claudia Pfeil

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Please download the Open House program in january at the APQS Showroom here:


Alle european longarmers will meet in Krefeld from january14th till 24th.:D

Dawn Cavanaugh,Marc Caraher, Loes and Theo von der Heijden and Claudia Pfeil will teach - it will be an exciting and creative time at the APQS Showroom!:cool:

I´m looking forward to meet you all (again):D

Claudia Pfeil

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A few more days and 2009 is a fact, a couple of more days and it's time for Claudia's Open House in Krefeld, Germany!.

Classes, Fun, Feathers, Food and Digitizing. You will all be exhausted at the end of the day.

You will learn so much. There is no such thing as free time any more, as you would like to practice and work day and night with the things you have learned.

We are preparing our hands-on digitizing classes in Krefeld (January 16 and 22) . For the Block Digitizing class on Thursday 22nd we would like to ask you to send us photos of (customer) quilts you are working on or quilts you will start working on after classes.

By learning how to digitize on the basis of your photos, you will get the most out of the class: you will learn how to find solutions / get inspired and see patterns by looking at quilts in a different way. In the Block Digitizing class you will digitize three quilt patterns. All patterns will be shared with the other students in the class. That's productive, draw 3 patterns yourself, and get 3 from each participant.

Don't forget to bring your laptop :)

Please send your photos to pre-designstudio@gmail.com


Happy New Year to all of you

Loes & Theo

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Mary Beth

There is a plane leaving Kansas City Airport on January 13 at 12h25.

Just USD 279,- single fair, who cares about going back after classes, just enjoy the European friendlyness.

We pick you up at Dusseldorf airport and see to it that you are in time for the first classes :)

Happy Newyear

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