Clacking noise in the hook area

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I am planning on adding a parts and accessories section but have not got around to posting it yet. Just call our studio for personal service.


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I tried phoneing APQS this morning but found out they are closed on weekends.

I have a problem with my Millie. Last night I was quilting away using monofilament thread (for the first time), then all of a sudden bang! My needle not only broke but came out of it's socket and lodged in my quilt. I pulled out the needle, took out the bobbin case/bobbin, and pulled out a long piece of monofilament thread that was stuck. I then replaced the needle, put the bobbin case/bobbin back in, then turned the machine back on ............ and all it did was light up the yellow and red lights simultaneously and give out 3 beeps. So I turned everything off ... then on again ... this time turning on the speed and the same thing happened .... nothing. My house breaker was not switched over, the light does come on for my machine, but the hopping foot does not go up or down by itself when you turn the machine on, or if I use the yellow button on my right hand control.

Long story but, can anyone give me any ideas of what I should try? I really would like to quilt this weekend.

Thanks a lot,


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I've started a new thread for your problem, asking for help from the Canadian Reps. There's an additional fuse in machines set up in Canada, but I don't know where to tell you to look to see if you've blown it. You might want to keep track of the posts on the thread at http://www.apqs.com/quiltboard/viewthread.php?tid=15693&page=1#pid170575

Good luck!

Barbara Mayfield
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Try calling John. He seems to have a good handle on things and maybe he can help. Sue Patton might be able to help too since she is in Canada. My guess is it is a fuse. Aren't there 2 fuses for the canadian machines. I recall reading that on one of the posts.

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Hi Janet

Try removing the new needle, and bobbin case, then try to lower the needle bar by using the thumbwheel. If it won't move easily, you may have some of the needle still jammed in the hook assembly.

Check the fuse which is in the black area just below where the cord fits into the machine. Check your manual for more comprehensive instructions on changing the fuse.

Good luck

Sue in Australia

sue in australia

APQS Australia

CQ Australia

613 9769 0248


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