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Originally posted by dtreusch

What are PES files?

PES files are the stitch files for the Brother embroidery machines. They are created using the Brother PE Design software.

Also, you cannot convert a PES file to any file using Pre-Design software. Pre-Design lets you draw and then save into many types of files but you cannot go from a sew file to an IQP file using Pre-Design. You need a dxf file and the IQ software to convert to IQP (I don't have a IQ - I have a CQ). I wish there was a way to convert my PES files or even my DST files to a CQ format, but you can't do that yet.

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With Pre-Design Studio you can save (export) as DXF file. That DXF file can be opened in IntelliQuilter without any conversion.

Pes-files are embroidery stitch files, containing lines as well as fills and colors, all separate objects. "Computerwise" pes-files are totally different from DXF files, so there's no conversion possible without re-digitizing.

(Most pes-files wouldn't be suitable for a quilt system because of the various layers and density).

The easiest way would be to open an image of the pes-file in Pre-Design via menu Background, then take the curve tool and trace the lines you want in the quilt pattern. *Think quilt* while tracing and find continuous lines. Then save and choose File > Export DXF. Open the DXF in IQ and sew :)


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