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IQ + Freehand = Lovely!


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Here is a baby quilt I just finished for one of my local quilt shop owners. I find combining IQ with freehand allows the strengths of both types of quilting (computerized and humanized) really shine.

I used IQ to drop in boat anchors in the corners then I added in the meanderings, pinwheel stars and waves in the sashings by hand.

She brought me a dark brown backing for this so the white thread really stands out. I think it looks great on the back and I know she'll make some little boy very happy with this quilt.


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Great quilt--love the colors and piecing.

Great application of IQ--this will eventually be standard-of-the-industry combining computer and freehand.

And also great freehand!!!!

That is some lucky little boy who will love the colors and the boats, trace the anchors with a little finger, drag it to tatters, and save it forever!

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