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Big thanks Dawn, Amy, & Mark!!!

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I had to adjust my magnetic collar! What?, you say. Yes, Had to take the back cover off, unplug some electronics, yada, yada, yada. I gotta say, it did NOT want to come off without some coaxing!!

It all started because my thread was getting stuck in the bobbin race. I was breaking top thread every 6-7"; sometimes the bobbin thread broke too. :(

So, I called APQS. At 7pm last night Dawn called me while she was on her drive home! (Talk about "going over and above the call of duty!) So, she determined that the magnetic collar in the back, attached to the drive shaft, needed adjusted. When she got home, after 8pm mind you; she emailed me the directions! I waited until this morning to tackle it!! ;)

Had a few glitches, but now my Millie is sewing/ quilting with perfect stitches again!! Yippee!!:P:P:D:D:P:P

BIG, HUGE, thanks to Dawn, Amy and Mark!!! APQS customer service is #1 the BEST!!! :D:D:P:P:D:P

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