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Compuquilter/Statler Stitcher


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Should a person assume that if a designer is a Statler user or dealer that their designs will not be made available in CQ format or restricted to Statler owners for purchase? ( That is ready to be stitched)

What designers of Computerized designs are EXCLUSIVE to Statler and Plan on staying that way? Not Converting to CQ.

Are there any Designers that are EXCLUSIVE to Compuquilter? If so who?

What designers that are Statler are working on getting their designs ready for Compuquilter and if so , when is it expected to be avaiable to Compuquilter users in a ready to purchase format?

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There really isnt a standard, you have to ask each one of them what they offer.

Some like Deb have both conversions, & others are exclusive to what they prefer as an owner & user.

Bottom line is that there is a HUGE demand for digitizers! It is time consuming to do, but maybe you can take on doing your own!;)

Play around with Auto Sketch or draw up some rough designs on paper & import into Illustrator to clean up & go for setting your digiting points.

You could also hire someone to do it for you, sounds like you have alot going on, so maybe that might be the way to go if you know what you want, rather than wait for a designer??:)

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Hi tammie

I believe Legacy Quilting designs only sell Statler format. I might be wrong and have never asked them - if they get asked enough they might do CQ format. If someone knows that I am wrong please correct me, they have some beautiful designs and I would love to purchase them.

I believe Linda Lawson will sell her designs in .dxf format to Statler owners and they have to put in the Start Finish and Snap info. I do know of one customer she had done this for.

I scan my hand drawn designs directly into Autosketch - don't have Illustrator and Autosketch works well for me but I know many of the designers who were doing pantos for hand-guided work prefer Illustrator.

Best wishes

Sue in Australia

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Hey Janet,

Not a silly question at all!

Auto Sketch comes with CQ, Illustrator is a program you can purchase separately, but certainly not something you need to operate CQ.;) Just another tool that is fun to use.

Does that help?;)

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I have used a number of the Adobe products. Adobe Illustrator is one of them. It is a vector program that allows you to change an object point by point (thus the term vector). It actually creates the object as a series of points that can then be altered to suite your needs. It is available through a number of places. You can find it at discounts if you do a student/teacher ID and go to JourneyEd.com or some other student discount software place. You can get it at Amazon.com, from Adobe itself or any other place that sells software programs. You can sometimes get it at computer retails chains like CompUSA or even Best Buy. I hope this helps and have fun with your new products.:)

Sheri Flemming

APQS rep in Hershey PA

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Many of the patterns that are now in Statler format are being converted to CQ format. Over 400 Meadow Lyon designs are presently being converted by Suzanne Moreno. I think in the next year we'll see an explosion!! of designs available in all formats, including those from Legacy Quilting.

And may I also say that you don't need to run out and buy another drawing program? Autosketch is included with your CQ and works very well for our purposes. You will spend just as much time (if not more!) learning another program, and won't have the built in back up support that will soon be available for AutoSketch.

Please be patient. Help is on the way very soon! And that's ALL I'm going to say! :cool:

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