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How tight should quilt be??


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I need your opinion! I have had my Liberty for two weeks now and have quilted two quilts. My girlfriend, who has a gammil, came over this weekend and she thought I had loaded my quilt too tight. So she loosened it up quite a bit and while I was quilting, it seemed the quilt was bouncing too much. Now the two quilts I have already ready done look perfect to me.

SO HOW TIGHT SHOULD IT BE?! I know its not suppose to be so tight that you can bounce a penny on it, but how much "bounce" should the quilt have once its loaded?



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Well, Beth, the problem is that you were short-changed. You

need the quilt only taut enough so a quarter (not a

penny) will not bounce off it. LOL

The way I learned it is that the quilt should be taut but

not tight; smooth but not lumpy and should not bounce as

you quilt.

I'm curious to hear what some ofhte other quilters say

about this tightness issue.

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Guest Linda S

If your quilt is too tight, your thread tension may be a problem. I was taught that your quilt should be nice and smooth, but you should be able to poke one of your fingers up from under the quilt sandwich and be able to grab hold of your finger tip with your other hand on the top. It it's too tight, you also miss out on it looking "quilted!"


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I've heard many national instructors say that it should make a nice kitty hammock. If you watch the instructional DVD's including those on APQS machines the quilts are fairly loose. I've found that the tension problems disappear if it's a bit looser. I do tend to have it tighter when I'm doing alot of custom ruler work and SID than when I'm doing freehand. jeri

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