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Another philanthropy quilt using the Circle Lord

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In San Diego, there is quilt shop named Rosie's Calico

Cupboard. The last I heard, she had over 19,000 bolts of



(The web-site needs some work).

Rosie is involved in lots of good works. One of those is Camp

Reach for The Sky (CR4TS). It is a camp for about 300 kids

ages 4 - 18 who are fighting the battle with cancer. Each kid

gets a quilt. People donate quilt tops, Rosie donates the

batting and she enlists longarmers to quilt them for CR4TS.

This is the first one. It has some cool fabrics of a square

in a square pattern. I used the Circle Lord to do 2 rows

of square spirals and then set off a space in the center to

try a design with curves, circles and cross-hatching. It was

fun and great experience.

The front:

<img src="http://i110.photobucket.com/albums/n93/legcard/Philantrophy%20Quilts/1a-front.jpg">

This is the back

<img src="http://i110.photobucket.com/albums/n93/legcard/Philantrophy%20Quilts/center-back.jpg">

And a close-up

<img src="http://i110.photobucket.com/albums/n93/legcard/Philantrophy%20Quilts/1-close.jpg">

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Yes, the Cross-hatch was also done with the Circle Lord.


I used the big cross-hatch template, must be 18".

The curves (bowl) are from the Aztec template. The design is right in the Aztec book.

The circles are from the 4" sqircle.

I used the square spiirals on two outside rows all the way around.

Borders are from one of Anne Brights designs that I got

from Perfect Borders as seen at innovations

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Oh Linda it is beautiful. YOu did such a wonderful job. The person who receives this quilt is going to be so blessed to be covered by such wonderful stitches.


thanks for the information on the CL and which templates you used. But o me, a panto, scary thought for this person:P but you did a great job

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