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I have been looking at this for a while and I just can't seem to figure out from the photo:

1) how "difficult" is it to install? or better said what is involved in the installation?

2) does this significatly change your back stylus set up and impact "regular" board use in anyway

3) Do you have a "video" clip of someone using the system --- I get the general idea but would love to see it "in action"

4) Weird as this may sound, can it be used with any other boards? I.e. rope board that I prefer to use "drag stitches" rather than back stitch over previous stitching.


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Hi Quilters,

I just installed my Push Button system to quilt an "heirloom " quilt and add cross hatching. I am not an experienced quilter but have found this system very easy and great to use. as with all thingsd you must try a practice piece and get the "feel " of the tool but once you are familiar it is very easy. Vicki sent me great advice and i will soon post a picture of my first quilt (King size) using the crosshatch board and PB system.

I am too late for this sale but i am hoping other tools may be on sale very soon. Have fun and "go for it":D

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