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Do you ever load a quilt and just can't start?

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I'll come over and play with it! I jsut love green.

Is this one yours...........................if so then who cares how much time you put into it....................right.

I would follow some of the larger geometric shapes and do some cool swirls, peakcocks and other fill in some of the more tone on tone areas.

I love to just play with desin quilt has some great fabrics to play with.

Do let us know what you end up doing :)

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Oh, that's very nice. It seems that lime green is really the number 1 color for 2006-2007. (I was thinking also about Sherry's quilt and Rhonda's quilt.)

I like the wavy line quilting idea that Myrna suggested, too. I hope you will post a picture of it after you have quilted it so we can all see how it was transformed.

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I, too,agree that the swirls, etc would like nice. I wouldn't quilt it with the lime green or black thread as you would lose the quilting in the blocks with the same colors as the thread.

I would be bold and do something like neon pink. I never thought I would like that lime green with the pink, but recently did a quilt with those colors and loved it.


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Hi Cheryll,

Sorry to hear about your move....I hate to move.

Cool quilt. Lime green is the 'new black' :cool: I really think

that I would have some fun with this quilt - go geometric.

Crazy go nuts with waves, swirls, spirals and some straight

lines too. Really mix it up.

My artwork is awful, but maybe it gives you an idea.

<img src="http://i110.photobucket.com/albums/n93/legcard/cheryll.jpg" border="0">


I think basic black would look very dramatic.

Superior Highlights adds some sheen, maybe their Fresh


YLI makes a great a really hot variegated with lime green

called Kyoto Gardens. I just used it on butterfly panto -

really added some dimension with the color changes.

Or how about Superior Rainbows Shamrock which has 4

shades of green.

And then there's Superior Brytes threads; one called

Mermaid is limey and one called Gecko is a bit darker green.

Be sure to post your finished quilt.

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