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I've finally been given permission to share my experience with Quilt Path: received my shipment on Thursday, Sept. 27th and headed out on the road the very next day. I installed QP on my Millie in the midst of a Quilt Retreat in N. Idaho and started playing with it the next morning (with an audience of quilters, of course!). I had a blast, stitching out both stock patterns and downloaded patterns. Then Sunday afternoon, I packed it all up and headed further south. I didn't get back to QP until I set up for a Quilt Show in Grangeville, Idaho, where I demonstrated my Millie AND QP for the quilters there. Still having a blast, especially when I had a gaggle of kids helping me pick designs to stitch! ;)





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I also am loving it! I have had mine for about a month now. I know I only got it because I was close to the show room, and the guys wanted to see how it worked on the Lenni! I am so thankful that I had 10 charity quilts to work on.. but everyone of them could have been a customer quilt! The great part is that the Charity got those quilts so much faster because of Quilt Path! :D

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