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What a wonderful week....

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......we have!:D

Ohhhhhh woooow....what a fun....what a lot of teaching with and informations with Myrna Ficken- put in just one week!

I just come back from a wonderful evening in a restaurant in Krefeld City, where we ( 25 european Longarmers out of 7 different european countries!) have been together and have had fun!

I ?ll tell you more later;):cool:

Just one picture;)

Best wishes from over the ocean....

Claudia Pfeil

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Hi, Claudia! :)

I sure have missed you and missed reading your posts here. I know you are busy with all sorts of things, including your longarm classes with Myrna.

And, how is your fabric line design coming along?? I cannot wait to see what lovely things you designed on the cloth.

I'll bet the dinner you all had together in Krefeld was deeee-licious. You Germans have the yummiest food, best beer, wonderful wine --- everything. You all sure know how to Parrrr-Taaay over there!

Thanks so much for sharing this photo!

Hugs from way up in the arctic...


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Not only that we have had fun, good food, good wine - we were busy ,too!;):cool:

And doesn?t it look greeeeeeaaaat - sooo many Milli?s in one room???:D:cool:;)

Shana - yes, I was too quite on this chat,I?m soooo sorry for this! I?ll improve myself*big promise*;) And the fabric line -I?ll let you know;)

Cheryl - you?ll find a way to beat my hairs in Kansas at MQS -I?m sure*lol*

And - NO!!!!!- I won?t share those nice guys in the background *lol*;):cool:

oooh....... more pictures you?ll find in my webshot album!

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Wow, what a wonderful big group you have gathered this time, Claudia. You are having fun - that is showing for sure.

I'm a bit sad that I cannot be part of the fun this time, maybe next time again.

Tell everybody "hi" from me. I'm so excited and very much looking forward to seeing some of you at MQS in June.

Continue to have fun and keep posting those pictures...

I'm off to quilting, too.


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Hi Claudia,

I was really sorry I could not attend classes in Krefeld, but I cannot close my shop for all those days. I will attend the MQS in Kansas City this June, so perhaps I will see some of you there.

Quilting greetings from a very excited quilter with her Millennium

Never had such a good choice of machinery purchased!

Having lots of fun with it, learning every day!

Sylvia Kaptein



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Yes it was wonderful!

I?ve been in Krefeld today and want to thank specially Claudia and Myrna who gave a wonderful class and Claudia for organizing everything, including a deliscious lunch!!

thank you!!

Annette Valtl


www. quiltstation.de

Claudia, say hallo to Elke! I think I didn?t say goodbye to her....... so busy with the receipts...

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Guest Linda S

What fun! Although I have to admit I've never seen anyone drive a machine with two hands from the back! Is that how you all usually do it? I just use my right hand on the left handle.


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