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Sale ended...enjoy your items everyone.


Sale is for the weekend only!
That means you can get any of the items listed below,
and if you pay me for it before midnight Sunday, April 21,
it is yours! I will ship it within a 3 days.

(Buyer pays shipping and PayPal payment)

Please provide me with your name and address and email if you want one or more of these items.
I cannot guarantee the items are still available at the time of your email, but try. I also will possibly take best offer. So try me. Spring Cleaning.

Hartley Expanded base that fit a Millennium with a bottom thread cutter. It is in very good condition. $150

It comes with one 12" long ruler in good condition and a 8.5" ruler in taped and fractured condition, but works.

Debbie Wendt Brilliant Bindings for Longarm quilters ruler that helps do bindings on the Longarm. $12 (save $3 from new)
6 Rhonda Beyer curved rulers ALL PENDING SALE OR SOLD:

Rhonda's Curved Crescent Moon Large (18 x 7.75" new $26; mine new in plastic $23 (save $3) and
Regular sized Crescent Moon 11.75"x5" new $21; mine slightly used $18 (save $3). SOLD
Rhonda's Mini-Arc 5"x2.5" $9 (save $1.50). SOLD
Myrna's Pinched 6.5" Square $15. (save $3) SOLD
Hartley Vertical Cone Thread Holder $40 (save $20) SOLD
Rhonda's Double "S" ruler 21" x 9" Large $28 (save $3.50), 14"x6" medium $24 (save $2), and 8"x4" small $12 (save $3). SOLD

Hartley Dual Spool holder $30 (save $20).SOLD
Cindy Roth's Longarm University Even and Odd sized Circle templates and instruction booklets. $125 (save $45 from new) SOLD
Cindy Roth's Circles Template for 5 different sized circles, 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1.5", & 7" circles. $20 (save $10 from new) SOLD






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OK I hope to be available to send your items to those who decide to pay with paypal and ship this week.  I have a deadline of Sunday at midnight on April 21st, and if payment is not received by then the sale is null.



Charlotte, of Enchanted Quilting, I have wrapped those 3 S-curver rulers in foam and ready to put in shipping.  I sent you an invoice and can send it hopefully tomorrow.


Kristina, the vertical cone holder is still available and I am holding for you and sent you an email with the cost, yours is small and hope can fit in a padded envelope.


Marci, of whitepinesquilter, I do still have the horizontal dual spool holder so I am holding it for you and sent you an email with the information on cost, yours is very small and hope to fit in padded envelope.


LisaE, I sent you an email that the crescent moons, mini arc and pinched square are still available and the cost of them.  The size will probably need a box for the large crescent is too big for a padded envelope.

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