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Happy Valentine's Day

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Oh Bonnie - stay warm and don't forget to scoop the snow off of your roof..

Grammie - thanks for the well wishes - same back to you!!:D

I did suggest to my husband instead of a dozen roses this year.... I would

really like a dozen fat quarters!! I was able to pick out a few today and

still had $$ left for flowers - lucky me!! He never takes hints - so I am much

better off just going out and getting what I want! It took me 3 years to

finally get the "Sound of Music" ..... oh well!! He does try!!

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To all of my dear, lovely friends here. I truly do love all of you, with all of my heart. Hope y'all had a special St. Valentines' Day. I am making my husband a nice dinner with a yummy bottle of white wine and some smooth jazz playing in the background and the three German shepherd beasts sitting at our feet. We're not really into the gift giving thing, never really have been. Andre's put up with my silly butt for over sixteen years and he's stuck with me 24/7, 365, and frankly that's all the gift I need........OK, yah,,,if he wanted to really win my heart, he could give me a dozen fat quarters and then...THEN I would be a very, very happy girl. ;)

Enjoy a great day, everyone!

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Shana, you crack me up, again! LOL!!! Ok, I have to say that you, Grammie Tammy, have made it an even more special day. Happy Val's to you too! I hope you have been very happy today, now that we're at the end of it. But let's just keep it in our hearts for a while longer, eh? Land sakes! the world can sure use it these days, anybody knows.

I'll say that since my hubby is in So. Cal. taking care of his mama, being a really GREAT role model for our son (cuz I want him to take GREAT care of me someday, if I ever need it) I have had my Val's Day just the way I pleased too. It was nice not having to pretend that I'm up for an evening out somewhere, or staying up till 11:00 waiting for the steak dinner he fixes exactly the same every holiday that's supposed to honor wives or mothers. I do miss him, but it's been nice just celebrating the kids' way for a change, and watching what *I* enjoy on the boob tube this evening: "Singing in the Rain". Ya know, I don't believe I've ever seen that movie. I know I've seen the other movie that has that song in it at least five times, but the one named after the song I've never seen. Funny huh?

Well, I have to say, for Valentine's my kids were pretty boring. They both were so responsible all of a sudden they had to do their homework. I guess it must be the mush that chased my son away, but my DD is always like that. Sigh..... I miss their baby days today. Pooh.

Well, back to the grindstone. PPP, and tomorrow (today, I guess, if you're viewing this tomorrow) I present different patterns to the women's group at church for them to choose one for the photo quilt for the youth BASH fundraiser. Wish me luck. I saw one woman tonight by accident and she sounded very skeptical about the whole project, since there's only 2 months. Well, I didn't tell her I once created a very artful wall hanging for one of my best friend's 50th birthday in just about three days, shipped it overnight and got it there ON her b'day, though she was out o' town. I'll post a pic of that one when I find it in my archives (e.g., my huge stack of uncatalogued photos of my entire life since marriage, sitting in boxes in a corner). Or maybe it's in one of those albums stacked in that lower cupboard....... Anyway, know I CAN do it, I just didn't want to take it wholesale out of their hands, but I want them to actually give me the project to do. The one mom in charge actually did kind of do that, but maybe all of them haven't yet realized it...... so wish me luck tomorrow. Thanks!!

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