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I want to know

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I started doing longarm quilting in 2006 and have been not been making garments for myself in all that time. Just could not find the time for both of my sewing passions. But, I've lost some weight and need some new clothes. In the course of drafting new patterns for myself, I discovered that my right bicep is 2" larger than my left. Now, girls ,I want to know if your dominant arm is larger than your other one. I have some nerve damage and I don't know if the difference is from that or the longarm work.


Help a sister out. Please.

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Well, donning my Dr. hat...the answer to that has many variables. For the most part sides will be equal assuming equal use of the arm, however there can be variations in everything from measuring (if you used a tape measure was it tighter on one arm vs. the other, did you measure or did someone do it for you?) to the daily use of your arms. Some people use their dominant arm more than the other which can lead to asymmetry. And...yes certain types of nerve damage can cause atrophy leading to different measurements one side to the other (along with the natural mild asymmetry that is common from side to side).The best know example of that was the Tennis Star (Rocket) Rod Laver whose racket arm (his left) was significantly bigger than his other arm. measurements at the time had Laver's forearm the same size as Rocky Marciano's (Boxing Champion).

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I knew our passion gave us "longer arms". But bigger around too? 


Do you have the fabric advance? I bet advancing the rollers by hand could build some muscles.


Frogging could do it. Pulling the layers apart to get at those crappy stitches---it raises my heart rate and makes me sweat. Great aerobics!


Squatting to check your stitches on the back could help your haunches.


Dropping pins--great for the waist. But I still hear that strange noise when I bend over. Oh, wait. That was me...




I hope you have a great time sewing some gorgeous garments. I bought a jacket pattern and three yards of rayon batik. Wish me luck--- I haven't made a garment since I was pregnant. And Adam will be 35 soon.

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lol.  I cannot speak yet to long arming, but I ride horses, and my dominant calf is two inches larger than my left...I had to have boots specially made.  So I think it sounds perfectly possible.  And probable as I use my dominant arm to steer and my left to smooth fabric as I go.  Makes absolute sense to me.  ;)


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