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Die hard CQ fans

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Hey kids.  zeke here.  I've had my CQ for some time now and was trained by Zoltan to install IQ about 4 years ago.  I was wondering how many of us die hard CQ'er are still out here.  I still enjoy mine very much and haven't had any problems with mine at all, except in the beginning when the block on the Y axis came loose.  Easy fix.    Give a shout out for yourselves and say hi.    zeke..........

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Zeke, I was the first APQS owner to have a CQ installed back in June 2005. I loved it but I now have an IQ which Zoltan (and Ron Paul) installed for me in April of this year. I am loving it. There are still times I miss the CQ but I am learning the IQ and it can do so much. And now that IntelliQuilter is supporting the CQs, all my cqp and cmd files can be brought easily into the IQ tablet just like any other file for the IQ.The IQ is a great system!

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CQ went out of business several years ago, used ones do come up for sale occasionally. The two main choices you have for a new system would be Quilt Path made by the Grace Company, sold by APQS and Intelliquilter. Intelliquilter has been offering support for the CQ systems with the parts from the units he takes on trade. I'm very happy with my IQ system but do your research and spend some time on both systems.


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