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thread to buy

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Superior Threads has some starter kits that have a variety of thread types. http://superiorthreads.com/

If you have a business, you can order wholesale. Contact them for details.

For just starting out, So Fine is a good inexpensive polyester. The Rainbow is a beautiful variegated trilobal polyester, but more expensive. Really shimmers on the quilt. King Tut is a beautiful variegated cotton. Bottom Line is an excellent bobbin thread - melts into the back.

Good luck!


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Now that I read your post again, I see "colors"!

I fought the urge to get one of every color, and went with:

Mother Goose - a medium-light brown that goes with a lot of things.

For bobbin thread, go with neutrals - white, gray (lt, med, dark) and taupe.

Variegated - a blend of light and dark

Get the Superior Threads color catalog or a thread card and have your customer select, then order that.

You can get a wholesale account with www.youcanquiltit.com and pay minimal shipping for 1 cone.

Good luck again - Julia

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Check out Kingsmen Quilting Supply for all supplies.

I also like Signature thread, 100% cotton...it is heavier than So Fine...quilts beautifully. I do use a finer thread in my bobbin (So Fine) when using Signature in the top.

Cheryl Mathre

Stone Creek Quilting

Sandy Hook, Va

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I really like Isacord thread which was recommended by Jamie Wallen at a quilting workshop I attended. He is an awesome quilting artist and it is his thread of choice. It is reasonably priced and has a nice sheen to it as well. The website is http://www.threadetc.com/ . When you go there click on the left side where it says navigation and scroll down to isacord thread. They have different colors on sale each month and when you buy you do not have to fill in the information about what type of machine you have, since quilting machines are not a choice. Hope you like it as much as I do. Janet:D

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We have very good results with Superior's So Fine, Bottom Line and , Rainbows. I find that there are fewer tension problems with these. I have used King Tut that came with the machine as a top thread and used the Bottom Line or So Fine in the bobbin with good results after much tension adjusting. We have used lots of Isacord for embroidery and it has worked very well. I have not yet tried it for quilting, Will have to try that.

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I agree with Julia, www.youcanquiltit.com is an authorized Superior distributor. Thr price & shipping are right if you have a business license. I love doing business with Sonia.

Superior So Fine (poly):

Pearl (402 )

cream-colored Putty ( 403)

Out of the blue(433) like a navy blue

Black (411)

Prewound bobbins or Bottom Line for the bobbin:

Black (625)

Dark Blue (609)

Champagne (650)

Signature Cotton:

Parchment (off-white blends with everything)

Mother Goose another blender

I also use PermaCore, easy tension, less expensive and a bajillion colors.

Good luck with your new biz.

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