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Circlelord Vacation is over


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It has been a long hot summer and my grass is green again.

It is time for you to think about what Circlelord products can do for you.

Such as just making life easier, and more money from your quilting business.


Let's hear from Circlelord users about your experience, good , or bad.

Even if you have sold your CL tools and have gone to a computer system.


Please tell new longarmers how much help a couple of Giant boards will be to your

ego, and get your partner off your back about the "big investment". You know he

wanted a boat!


Thank you,


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Let me! Let me!!! I no longer have a Circlelord, because I sold it when I sold my first machine. When I had a Circlelord, it was my favorite tool in my quilting studio. When I first started quilting and seen the price, I posted that I just could not afford it. But finally, I bit the bullit and bought my CL. I love it!!! It was so easy to use. I was able to wiz through customer quitls quickly.....and.....it made me look good. Once I felt comfortable with the CL, I started playing around and getting creative, adding my own touch. I loved my CL.

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I delivered a queen sized quilt done with the Swirlz board a couple of days ago, and I must say after a run of custom quilts it was nice to make a decent hourly rate again. My customer loved it! I have the Circle Thingy and it is perfect for inserting circles into the quilting design of custom quilts. Great products! My only complaint is that on the Baptist Fan boards there is a small space between the fans that I don't like - not sure if there is a solution to that.


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I only quilt for myself (when I have time  :P ), and for my church group.  We have delivered over 50 quilts so far this year to one of our mission organizations, and I've quilted a large number of them.  We make twin or larger sized quilts for this mission.  I use several of the Circle Lord long boards - especially the Swirls, Milky Way and Egyptian Eye.  They're wonderful time savers, and the children love circles on their quilts.  The CL products are great time savers.  When I have enough coins saved I'll be ordering some other boards, and I do plan to get a computer some day - but I won't ever give up my CL boards.

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I have used Circle Lord boards from almost the day I bought my machine and love them! They helped me get up and running quilting customer quilts with ease and accuracy. The giant boards are so much easier than pantographs - and faster! I also love the cross-hatch system with the push button control. I am moving to a computerized system (sorry Michael!!!), but I still plan to keep a number of my Circle Lord components - particularly the cross-hatch system and the cross-hatch up front system (smaller boards) because I just don't think any computerized system could match the ease of use.

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