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LED retrofit for fluorescent light machines?

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Hi Tammy and welcome to the forum.  I don't see any reason why it couldn't be done.  I'm not sure there would be enough of an improvement to warrant the effort.  If you can't find the bulb locally let me know my brother has a friend in the lighting business and he might be able to help.  The fluorescent bulbs last pretty well, I've changed the bulb twice in eleven years.


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Thanks Nigel :)
I doubt I'd find the bulb locally, we've got a guy too ;) lol
I'm not really expecting much in the way of more light with the change, more just looking for cleaner light. 
The subtle flicker of the fluorescent is a little annoying as well, I can live with it, but if I can make it go away easily, cheaply, and without running extra wires along the machine for something that won't work in the existing fixture, then I am all for it! 



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