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Birds nest on back - help please

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UPDATE:  I used the air compressor to blow lint out between the tension discs, rethreaded the machine using a different thread path that Dawn shows in the how to thread an APQS Video, and one of my pigtails seemed to be out of straight so I fixed it too.  Guess what?  It's working great now in all directions!!  I'm so thrilled to have it stitching nicely again :) 


When I stitch slow (happens only when doing stitch in the ditch) from right to left I get birds nest of top thread on the back of the quilt, the top looks fine.  Here are two pictures of the back of the quilt.  I'm using microquilter on the top and magna glide classics in the bobbin.  I can quilt freehand with no problem, even freehand right to left with now problem.  Any ideas?  I did clean the machine thoroughly and I put a new needle in before the last quilt but that didn't change anything.  I also checked for burrs and didn't find any. 

thread trouble.jpg

thread trouble 2.jpg

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I have both an APQS Ult 2, and a Gammill Classic machine that are Intellistitch equipped.  Part of Intellistitch's system is a baste feature.  You can select either a 1/2 inch or 1 inch setting so when you move the machine a stitch is fired at the appropriate interval.  When I used this feature I would get exactly the problem results mentioned here.  Birds nests every once in a while.  It was discouraging enough that I didn't use the feature often.  In the regular stitches per inch mode, if I used the 6 per inch setting I would also occasionally have that problem.  I thought on this long and hard, and eventually it came to me:  stitch length affects tension.  The longer the stitch, the looser a given tension setting would produce, the shorter, the tighter.  To solve the problem, all I had to do was increase the tension when I basted.  Now I do exactly that.  After I complete the baste, I loosen the tension to sew at 10 or 12 stitches per inch I usually quilt at.  Because of this experience, I'm pretty sure the problem you're having is a tension issue.   I think tightening the tension will solve it.  Good luck.  Jim

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On ‎10‎/‎25‎/‎2017 at 10:11 PM, harcathy said:

Connie I have the exact same issue when using that combo of thread . Which thread path did you use that seemed to work? I’ve tried all the other suggestions.to no avail. Only happens when stitching straight lines and moving right to left. 

The thread guide over the tension disk, instead of threading it so it wraps, thread it so it goes in the top hole from the back of the guide directly down in to the second guide and then back up through the last hole, like weaving.  I hope this makes since, if not Dawn does a great video on how to thread our machines and it is in that video.  I also blew any possible lent out from between my tension discs.  Also check the last pig tail as mine was not correct and it's one of the things I fixed too.

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