Where can I get SERVICE MANUALS for Baby Lock Coronet??

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I can recommend Ray White for a general repair class.  Learned more there than at the APQS class. 

The internals of these long arm machines is pretty much the same as your hundred year old Singer.  

Gail, where are you and what kind of problem are you having?  A good number of members here maintain their own machines and may be able to help.



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Brand new BL Cornet, six weeks.  I am new to longarming.  I got too close to one of the top clamps and the needle hit it.  Broke needle and when I went to change it the hand wheel will not turn, could not find the piece of needle.  I get a NEEDLE SENSOR FAILURE alert on my screen.  Called where I bought it, said I had to bring it in for repair.  I am in Fairfield Bay, Arkansas- 50 miles north of Little Rock. My dealer is south of Little Rock by 40 miles.

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Babylock:Consumer Hotline: 1-800-313-4110   I have Brother machines and those needle pieces go everywhere even where you can't find them.  I don't know much about the Cornet or Brother longarm but you have probably knocked it out of time and may have damaged/jammed the bobbin mechanism.  I would contact Babylock directly,  our APQS machines are fairly easy to do maintenance on them and the company respects our work even with respect to the warranty.     However, any work you do on your own with the Babylock may void it's warranty, so I would call the company first. 

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Gail:  You might have a piece of the broken needle stuck in the hook assembly.  Remove the bobbin and look closely at the hook race for a lodged piece.  Try moving the hand wheel back and forth to see if you can free the machine up.  I think this happened to me once and that's how I fixed it.  If you have something jammed in the hook, and can't get it freed up doing this, you may have to remove the hook so it's easier to work on.  If you're not comfortable removing the hook, you'll probably have to wait for your service man to fix it.  Good luck.  Jim 

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