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Ultimate 2


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I tried searching, but most of the posts I got were posts that were for sale. 

I just got an Ultimate 2 (II).  I asked in a long arm group on facebook and they told me to come here!

I am so excited to use this machine!! I haven't finished getting it set up yet.  (I just got it Saturday).

I have used long arms before, (a gammill & an HQ avanté) renting the time at a quilt shop.  But I decided when I was able to afford a long arm, I would be getting an APQS, (I really want a millenium) But this is going to be somewhere to start!

I was wondering if anyone knows of a stitch regulator I can add to it now? I know intellistitch doesn't do them anymore.

Any other suggestions/tips for me? (I know I need to get some sewing machine oil, I think figured out needles, (I found some on amazon).  But I cannot think of anything else!)

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Actually I think you can get an Intellistitch regulator fitted to your machine.  My understanding is that Nolting will do the installation, but I think you have to send the machine to them for the up grade.  Call their factory and ask.

I have an Ult 2 that I had up graded to Intellistitch, and I love it.  I had my installation done by Helen B. back in 2011 when she was still doing it.

The first thing I'd do is replace the stock wheels (if it still has them) with some after market ones.  I have Edgeriders on mine.  I don't think Kasa Engineering is still making a set specifically for the Ult 2 anymore, but a set made for a Gammill Classic will work with the simple replacement of some of the bolts supplied in the Gammill kit.  As far as needles go, Gros Beckert MR SAN 11 are the proper ones.  Good luck, enjoy your "new" machine.  Jim

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The only reason I didn't think it would work is because it says this on their webpage " We no longer offer IntelliStitch as an after-market upgrade."

I can call them and find out though.

How would I find out what kinds of wheels are stock or if they are aftermarket?  I was looking through the manual (the one I asked them to email me, not the original one) and it showed a different carriage than the one in the pictures.

Thank you!

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Your machine is just like mine was.  The wheels you have on it are the originals.  If you looked at my post from Sept 2014, you'd have noted that the ones on my machine now are white polymer ones.  Check EdgeRider Wheels listing for Gammill Clasic machines.  They'll work on your machine with the addition of some different bolts that you can buy at your local hardware store.  Jim

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I bought mine from Quilt tech, and they were specifically for an Ult 2.  I don't think Kasa Engineering has made any for Ult 2 for several years.  But like I said the Gammill wheels will work.  I just checked, and Quilt Tech has Gammill sets listed at $175.00.  They are special order because Ray doesn't stock them, but I'll bet he can have them for you in a few days.  You can call him and ask about the Ult 2 set, but I don't think he can get you a set of them.  BTW, he's happy to talk with anyone interested in his products.  Jim

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2 hours ago, Patrice Stafford said:

I have an ultimate II, but need to know if it is set up right.  I think there is something missing.  When I start sewing, the head tips forward.

What could cause that?

Thank you for your help.


Is it on the tracks correctly? Mine will slip out of the tracks if I push on it too hard. 

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Patty:  There's a large weight bolted to the front of the Ult 2's (or at least there was on Zelda) to help balance the machine. (I guess most people lifted on the handles, so the machine tipped backwards, opposite yours)  You can remove that weight, I did on Zelda.

I'm guessing your issue is something else though.  I've seen at least one Ult 2, maybe two, with only one table track  -don't know why anyone would remove one of the tracks, but they did.  Do you have two tracks on your table?  Do your machine wheels ride on top of the table tracks?  Are the machine wheels in the carriage, in the slots of the carriage extrusions?  Are the wheels worn so bad that they wobble?  They should not wobble.  Post some photos if you can, and I'll look for things I think might be wrong.  Jim

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