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Laser light flickers

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The laser light on the panto side flickers and is very easily turned off. I gently tap and rotate the cable to get it to come back on. Usually stays on while running the machine, but now I'm having trouble with that. Has the light failed and I should replace it? Thanks in advance,

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Thank you Jim.  Clean with alcohol, I assume? 
I had edited that post but it didn't complete. Can you also tell me how to fix my thread sensor adjustment. It has started beeping allot and I've tried various amounts of wrapping around the wheel. That, coupled with the intermittent beep that I've never actually figured out - it is all annoying.

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For electrical connections, I would recommend this spray https://www.walmart.com/ip/CRC-5103-Quick-Dry-Electronic-Cleaner-11-Wt-Oz/16817418

Hold the connection in a rag or paper towel to ensure the spray does not drip on the floor or other areas.  Wear safety goggles to ensure you do not get any in your eyes.  It will not hurt your hands, though it may dry the skin slightly.  

Hopefully this will fix your issue.

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